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Connect the right teams for success at IBM Connect 2017

When was the last time you worked on something without having any input or feedback? Sounds like almost never!

The best pieces of work require one to work with the right people who have the right perspectives at the right time. Companies today need the right teams working together to deliver best results. Just like how George Clooney needed one in the movie Oceans 11, 12 and 13 or how Kevin Spacey needed one in the movie 21. I am sure we are not into raiding the casinos in Vegas, but the ability of a team to work together in delivering results remains the same across industries and professions. Whether it’s a Loan Approval Officer working in a bank with his field agents and credit rating teams, or an employee in any department (Marketing, HR, Finance) of a multinational company working with other departments and geographically dispersed teams.

In today’s digital workplace, the power of a team relies heavily on the effectiveness of collaboration. Teams who can communicate, share information and complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner often deliver highly desired business results.

If your organization uses poor, in-effective and insecure methods of collaboration, time is simply wasted on things as mundane as searching for information.

Making a team successful requires not only bringing together the right people with the required skills, but also equipping them with the right, secure collaboration solution.

So how successful is your team? Are they working effectively or, does your workplace have too many collaboration tools and, as a result, your employees don’t effectively use any of them?

If you’re unsure, here’s your chance to experience the latest digital workplace technologies across communication, collaboration, content and analytics first-hand at IBM Connect 2017.

IBM ConnectAt IBM Connect, you will gain insights to help you capitalize on the disruptive effects of cloud, cognitive and analytics that are changing how we work. Learn how analytics and artificial intelligence-infused digital workplace technologies free an organization’s individuals to focus on work that matters.

Use this opportunity to join more than 4,000 fellow thought leaders, colleagues and industry experts to explore the benefits of a reinvigorated workforce. Choose from over 200 sessions and expand your knowledge on today’s digital workplace technologies.

Box will be speaking at a sponsored session titled, “Embrace the Cloud & Unleash your Content Productivity” along with sessions from the IBM team on  “IBM and Box – The New Shape of Content Management” and “Introducing Box Relay, a Document-Centric Workflow Developed by IBM and Box.”



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