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Introducing IBM Case Manager 5.3

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For as long as I’ve worked in technology, speed has been touted as a great benefit.  We’ve all heard the phrase, “Speed is the new currency,” but it feels like that really is the case right now.  We are living in a vastly different time than just a few short years ago.  The pace of innovation is truly staggering, and technologies like cloud and mobile have dramatically changed the way we do work today.  In this hyper-competitive environment, speed is the new currency.

Companies that can do things faster, spot opportunities sooner and react to changing markets quickly are the ones who succeed.  In fact, a recent IBM Institute for Business Value study showed that 89% of early adopters are more profitable and more innovative than their industry peers.  And as we move into this new era of cognitive, speed becomes even more important. Speed

You need to be nimble and act fast to compete in today’s digital world.  The notion of speed applies to ECM and Case Management.  The ability to find content faster, make decisions based on insights faster, complete a process faster or digitize content faster.

For Case Management, one objective is to streamline workflow.  You want to be able to process that claim faster, or on-board customers more quickly.  Whatever the application of Case Management, speed is generally a desired outcome. And with the announcement of IBM Case Manager 5.3, speed continues to be a theme of new capabilities and enhancements.

IBM Case Manager 5.3 was announced back in December, and features new capabilities for working faster with case management.  One of the most exciting new feature is the tighter integration with Box, allowing faster collaboration around content.  We have completely reworked how the Box integration works, allowing case users to create box tasks and collaborate with external participants without leaving the case environment, enabling secure external content collaboration for better, faster business outcomes.  Other enhancements with the Box integration allows for cases to automatically be triggered based on activity from a Box folder.

Another key enhancement in Case Manager 5.3 is the integration with DocuSign, accelerating digital transformation by automating eSignatures within Case Manager.  Many common processes that run on Case Manager require the collection of a signature at some point.  Think of Loan Origination, Insurance Claims, New Customer On-boarding, etc.  With the integration of DocuSign, case workers can now obtain electronic signatures directly from Case Manager.  The request for a signature is sent using DocuSign, and the customer gets the same great experience that DocuSign customers have come to love and expect.  Integrating DocuSign into Case Manager processes helps to accelerate digital transformation, as there is no need to go outside the digital experience to collect the signature.

If you want to learn more about the Case Manager and Box integration, check out the 20 minute demo here.


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