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Digitization, Business Transformation and the Cloud

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Under pressure to digitalize business processes, leading middle-market firms are deploying digital initiatives in an effort to outrun present and future competitors. These initiatives include converting manual, paper-based or offline business processes to online, computer-supported processes that facilitate content collaboration, document approval workflow, and seamless content integration. But, transforming offerings and supporting systems and methods often come with a large price tag which can constrain or prevent progress. Unfortunately, many companies are hampered by cumbersome legacy systems, not to mention a lack of internal expertise, fear of outsourcing IT, and budgetary constraints for a large-scale, on-premises initiative.

Making a Case for Cloud

cloudconnectedAs firms contemplate and embrace digital transformation, they should look to case management cloud offerings and capabilities as a potential solution. Case on the cloud helps eliminate many of the obstacles facing middle-market companies today.  For most businesses, the benefits promised by cloud computing include agility, process optimization, speed to market and cost reduction. Other potential benefits include gaining features and functionality that is not available in a traditional, licensed software package; secure infrastructure; and the ability to substitute upfront costs with regular monthly payments.

According to IDC 2016 Worldwide Predications, 53% of organizations surveyed expect the cloud to raise revenue in the next two years and 75% of large organizations are embracing or deploying cloud.

There is no doubt that cloud is disrupting both business and everyday life. While much activity and buzz relating to cloud involves its technological capabilities, the benefits of cloud adoption warrant a closer look, if not a test drive, especially for those firms seeking digital transformation.

The IPD Solution

As an IBM Business Partner, IPD is well-equipped to help businesses get started and move forward on their cloud journey. Leveraging the IBM Cloud Platform, IPD offers an integrated portfolio of hardware, functionality-rich software, cloud managed services, and business solutions.

For more information and statistics about the power of case management and the simplicity of the cloud, check out this infographic.

To learn more about IPD can help transform your organization’s operations with the Cloud, visit

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