Gartner Says ECM is Reinventing Itself for the Digital Workplace

For the past year or two, the smart guys within the $6 Billion industry known as Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, have been aware that things are changing – paper is dwindling (finally!), new forms of content such as video, audio and social media are on the rise, and new technologies (i.e. Cloud, Mobile and […]

Transform your Digital Workplace at IBM Content 2017

I particularly like this time of year. Longer days, cycle rides past meadows of flowers in full bloom, and the anticipation of IBM Content 2017.  This year we are visiting Minneapolis, New York City and Chicago.  I for one am really looking forward to hearing guest speaker John Mancini, Chief Evangelist at AIIM, share his […]

Before Building an IBM FileNet System, Consider Your ECM Strategy

You are probably reading this because you either own an IBM FileNet system or are considering making the investment. In either case, this article provides some mental floss for that technology-oriented mind of yours. In general, when developing a corporate technology program, I believe you should approach the topic through four areas of interest: purpose, […]

Why Upgrade to IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) v10.1?

Recently released version of IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) v10.1 has been long awaited and it contains several new innovations. CMOD is known for legendary compression and really packing in information when storing content. Did you know it can further lower the cost of storage? For example, with CMOD v 10.1 now you are able […]

IBM Content Manager (CM8) is ready for Digital Enterprise – are you ready?

IBM Content Manager is evolving to meet the needs of the changing workforce and enterprise. Used by several large global clients, like banks, insurance companies and government agencies, IBM Content Manager is expanding to support business processes that span cross-company boundaries in the digital enterprise. To serve your customers, citizens, vendors, and partners more effectively, […]

Protecting Sensitive Data with Role-based Redaction Capabilities

While IBM and Datacap have always stressed the importance of both processing and security needs, we have been looking for ways to bring them together in better ways.  One step towards that goal is to offer our existing redaction functionality in a role-based capacity. The idea is that now you can adapt the automated business […]

I have this problem that – what was I saying?

Here in 2017, I have a problem that I didn’t have growing up in the suburbs in the 1960s, nor did it bother me in college in the 1970s, or even when I moved to New York City to seek my destiny in the 1980s. In fact, I couldn’t even conceive of this problem back […]

From the Pros: Six Ways to Better Leverage IBM Datacap

Optical character recognition (OCR) a.k.a. capture technology has been around for a long time – like 103-years-long-time. You can trace it back to 1914 when Emanuel Goldberg developed a machine that read characters and converted them into standard telegraph code. In the days of Goldberg, this was an innovative technology on its own, but today, it […]

Cognitive Digitization. Attend Document Strategy Forum 2017.

With the pressure to digitize business processes to stay competitive against present and future firms, many companies are looking for solutions to bring them ahead of the curve. The “curve” may feel like a moving target, but adding a cognitive element to your content processes may help hold that target steady. “Cognitive Digitization” combines the […]

The Better the Data, the Better the Outcome with IBM CM OnDemand

The results from Analytics are only as good as the data that it uses. Most organizations only use structured data which represents approximately 16% of the information to yield accurate insights and actionable results. The other 84% of needed data lives in the Enterprise Archives which hold critical information such as outbound customer communications (i.e. […]

Branch Transformation in our Connected World

Payment by check may be viewed as passé by many, but use of checks is still quite large. According to research by Aite Group, well over 50 percent of total business-to-business (B2B) payments are still made by check. In fact, 2016 AFP research showed that use of checks in B2B scenarios actually increased from levels […]

The Science of Expertise – Deliberate Learning and ECM at IBM Content 2017

It’s March Madness, with all its high flights of basketball prowess on display, which always takes me back to Ray Allen, the NBA’s most prolific three-point shooter of the past 20 years. I play in pick-up games whenever I can, and the long shot from behind the arc is my specialty, so of course, I […]

The Making of Box Relay

At BoxWorks 2016, IBM and Box announced Box Relay – a new and re-imagined workflow solution targeted at business who need to create and track simple workflows.  It not only allows team members within the enterprise to participate in the workflow, but it also supports team members beyond the “four walls” of the enterprise as […]