Can your marketing team afford to be only 42% effective?

Thank goodness it’s Friday, right? Or are you exhausted when you realize you didn’t accomplish a fraction of what you intended on Monday? What about your team—were they creating awesome marketing content this week or mostly spinning their wheels? It’s critical we create content that produces great results for our company. Yet, although 60% of […]

How are you reimagining your business to be digital?

I always love watching the Olympics.  It’s amazing to see all of those incredible athletes perform on the world’s stage after dedicating most of their lives to their sport.  As a guy who cannot even touch his own toes, I truly admire the agility these athletes have (especially the gymnasts).   They have trained for years […]

Step up your game: Empower your business for a digital transformation with ECM

We can be considered the Game of Thrones (GoT) watching generation that is addicted to watching power games that throw sudden, unexpected blows to our faces. To that effect we may enjoy these surprises and jolts springing up on us, but for other realities of life, we have come to enjoy and expect consistency. If […]

Mobile is changing the world – is your organization ready?

Work dynamics and consumer expectations are constantly evolving. In fact, “IDC predicts that Smartphone and tablet spending will hit $484 billion, generating 40% of all IT growth” (IDC MaturityScape Benchmark:  Enterpise Mobilty in the United States, May 2015 , IDC# #256392). Employees work from remote locations and with increased connectivity and power in mobile technology, […]

How to bring new life to Medical Data

A Hospital Migrates 50 TB of data into IBM CMOD eArchival system Somewhere between the classic car and the showroom model is the junker we all drove in high school.  We may have loved it but it took a lot of work.  The same could be said for today’s old Legacy systems.  Helix International  helped […]

Verifying Signatures: When Signatures Lie

Signatures are a unique biometric that belongs to each individual. Banks, businesses and governments rely on signatures to verify identification and authorize transactions. While a number of technologies and solutions have come to the market to obviate the need for traditional “wet ink” signatures, they are still the most common way to complete legal documents […]

4 Reasons we’re pumped for BoxWorks 2016

Last year, BoxWorks 2015 took place just months after the strategic partnership between IBM and Box was announced.  At the event itself, we announced a series of exciting integrations between IBM ECM and Box, covering IBM Content Navigator, StoredIQ, IBM Case Manager, and IBM Datacap. The team had a great presence within the BoxWorks Partner […]

New Data Protection Regulation is Here – GDPR – Are you ready?

After a long wait, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was published on 4 May 2016, and will be immediately applicable on 25 May 2018 (after a two-year transition period) to any organisation that operates in the EU market and processes the personal data of EU data subjects.  Much of the existing data protection law […]

What is customer loyalty worth to your business?

I used to work as a Sales Manager at J. Crew, the booming apparel retail chain, and we were always in the business of making customers happy. J.Crew is known for both its unique approach to design, AND its devotion to excellent customer service. There would be many times customers would call into our contact […]

3 best practices to create marketing content for today’s customer

Sometimes you need bad experiences to teach you what a good one is. I learned this, of course, the hard way when I was on a long trip from New York City to Bangalore. Usually I travel through the Middle East but this time I had to fly a different airline than my preferred one […]

Data: Your new digital gold?

All that glitters isn’t gold. What’s in your hoard? Everyone has one. Is it a pile of gold or simply a dark cave filled with cost and risk? Truth is we’re all hoarders at heart. We all think about hanging on to something just in case. But, realistically, how often do we suddenly discover value […]

Digitization, Business Transformation and the Cloud

Under pressure to digitalize business processes, leading middle-market firms are deploying digital initiatives in an effort to outrun present and future competitors. These initiatives include converting manual, paper-based or offline business processes to online, computer-supported processes that facilitate content collaboration, document approval workflow, and seamless content integration. But, transforming offerings and supporting systems and methods […]