Gartner Says ECM is Reinventing Itself for the Digital Era

For the past year or two, the smart guys within the $6 Billion industry known as Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, have been aware that things are changing – paper is dwindling (finally!), new forms of content such as video, audio and social media are on the rise, and new technologies (i.e. Cloud, Mobile and […]

Can Analytics make us more Human?

Thomas Friedman, the New York Times writer, in his new book, “Thank You For Being Late,” focuses on the challenges of living in “the Age of Acceleration.” Moore’s Law has held steady for 50 years, doubling computer processing power every 18 months, and now Cloud, Mobile and Social Media have converged to create a “supernova […]

IBM Named a Leader in Gartner MQ for Case Management (Again)

I wrote last month about our latest release of IBM Case Manager 5.3.  The latest release is just another reason why Case Manager is consistently listed as a leader in various analyst reports. While I’m not surprised, I’m pleased to see that yet again that leading analyst firm, Gartner, has recognized IBM Case Manager as […]

Connect the right teams for success

When was the last time you worked on something without having any input or feedback? Sounds like almost never! The best pieces of work require one to work with the right people who have the right perspectives at the right time. Companies today need the right teams working together to deliver best results. Just like […]

When it comes to better business results, the proof is in the pudding…and in Box.

One of the most powerful experiences I can share as a marketing professional is a great customer success story. It’s the “proof in the pudding” that affirms the real business results the customer is realizing from their experience. So I got to thinking about this power of proof that I could share with my network […]

Building the Digital Business will enable Cognitive Insights

It’s certainly an exciting time to be in technology.  It’s hard to comprehend how fast things are changing today, and what will be possible in just a few short years.  Given we can now instrument pretty much anything and everything means that we can access new data that can provide insights for improving business outcomes. […]

Cloudy with a Chance of Innovation

At the beginning of the current century, I was working for a small software start-up, with about 40 employees. We had a small marketing team and five field sellers. We tracked customers and prospects with a complex customer relationship management (CRM) database that was temperamental to say the least. The sellers had to remember to […]

Key Collaboration Trends for 2017

In 1984, Marvel Comics creators Tom DeFalco and Herb Trimpe showed a futuristic version of Iron Man named, ‘Iron Man 2020.’ Having 2020 only three years away gives you a very different perspective on Arno Stark’s armor.  One that will probably have you laughing so hard that you would not be able to finish this […]

Let’s meet at Legaltech!

It is that time of the year – Legaltech 2017 is happening in two weeks in NYC, Jan 31-Feb 2, and the IBM Information Lifecycle Governance team is back at it again. Indeed, it will be IBM’s 16th year at the show listening to the needs of the eDiscovery and legal industry. Here are some […]

Introducing IBM Case Manager 5.3

For as long as I’ve worked in technology, speed has been touted as a great benefit.  We’ve all heard the phrase, “Speed is the new currency,” but it feels like that really is the case right now.  We are living in a vastly different time than just a few short years ago.  The pace of […]

Optimizing FileNet and Datacap Systems with Distillr

Organizational ECM and BPM departments are increasingly tasked with managing high volumes of content and supporting mission-critical business processes. Given the importance of these systems in operations and the interconnected nature of unstructured data in business processes, meeting service level agreements is critical. In order to avoid a troubleshooting fire drill, it’s necessary to identify […]

Simplifying eDiscovery: Bridging Legal and IT

Did you know that eDiscovery consumes as much as half of organization’s average litigation budget? [1] And yet yields only about 40% success rate in finding litigation relevant information? [2] The digital revolution has undoubtedly given businesses wings to soar. Businesses have come closer to the market, new business models have emerged and customer engagement […]

Conquering Content Chaos in the Era of Digital Transformation

We live in a world driven by digital content. In fact, we’re in the midst of the third wave of the Fourth Great Industrial Revolution. The first wave brought the digital consumer, who expects interactive and personalized experiences.  The digital enterprise drove the second wave, with companies leveraging social media, mobile, and analytics to decrease […]