Gartner Says ECM is Reinventing Itself for the Digital Workplace

For the past year or two, the smart guys within the $6 Billion industry known as Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, have been aware that things are changing – paper is dwindling (finally!), new forms of content such as video, audio and social media are on the rise, and new technologies (i.e. Cloud, Mobile and […]

Cognitive Digitization. Attend Document Strategy Forum 2017.

With the pressure to digitize business processes to stay competitive against present and future firms, many companies are looking for solutions to bring them ahead of the curve. The “curve” may feel like a moving target, but adding a cognitive element to your content processes may help hold that target steady. “Cognitive Digitization” combines the […]

The Better the Data, the Better the Outcome with IBM CM OnDemand

The results from Analytics are only as good as the data that it uses. Most organizations only use structured data which represents approximately 16% of the information to yield accurate insights and actionable results. The other 84% of needed data lives in the Enterprise Archives which hold critical information such as outbound customer communications (i.e. […]

Branch Transformation in our Connected World

Payment by check may be viewed as passé by many, but use of checks is still quite large. According to research by Aite Group, well over 50 percent of total business-to-business (B2B) payments are still made by check. In fact, 2016 AFP research showed that use of checks in B2B scenarios actually increased from levels […]

The Science of Expertise – Deliberate Learning and ECM at IBM Content 2017

It’s March Madness, with all its high flights of basketball prowess on display, which always takes me back to Ray Allen, the NBA’s most prolific three-point shooter of the past 20 years. I play in pick-up games whenever I can, and the long shot from behind the arc is my specialty, so of course, I […]

The Making of Box Relay

At BoxWorks 2016, IBM and Box announced Box Relay – a new and re-imagined workflow solution targeted at business who need to create and track simple workflows.  It not only allows team members within the enterprise to participate in the workflow, but it also supports team members beyond the “four walls” of the enterprise as […]

Unified Information Governance: The time is now

If you’ve been in the IT business for awhile, you might find yourself saying, “We have faced this challenge before” when it comes to information governance (IG). It is one of those evergreen challenges you will face time after time. Back in 2006, I was the IBM eDiscovery portfolio manager. Back then, eDiscovery amendments to […]

ECM in the Cloud – The Perfect Fit for Bimodal Development

In the past 12 months, I have meandered across North America talking to people about putting content in the cloud. There is a general consensus among the ECM Program managers and architects that I spoke with that content in the cloud offers a highly attractive ROI, helps with shrinking IT resources, and gives lots of […]

Recap of Box at IBM Connect 2017

Two of my favorite things, IBM Connect and the city of San Francisco, have come together in an amazing week that I feel compelled to tell you all about. Don’t get me wrong, I love Orlando where IBM Connect has been hosted in the past.  I’m a Florida native and talking to clients in the […]

Content is Key for Building a Digital Business that Provides Exceptional Customer Experiences

The digital business is an imperative.  Companies can simply not compete moving forward without addressing digital transformation.  And it needs to be pervasive.  Across all processes, people, functions and information, or content.  It will reshape everything we do and every interaction we make, and it all starts with content. Business content is the conversation you […]

IBM Datacap Insight Edition – at the forefront of Cognitive Computing

Wow!  What any exciting time to be part of IBM and the information technology industry.  Over the next few years, IBM will lead in the explosive growth of Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IBM Datacap Insight Edition will play a major role in this next generation of computing. Approximately 80% of data in […]

Can Analytics make us more Human? See at AIIM 2017.

Thomas Friedman, the New York Times writer, in his new book, “Thank You For Being Late,” focuses on the challenges of living in “the Age of Acceleration.” Moore’s Law has held steady for 50 years, doubling computer processing power every 18 months, and now Cloud, Mobile and Social Media have converged to create a “supernova […]

IBM Named a Leader in Gartner MQ for Case Management (Again)

I wrote last month about our latest release of IBM Case Manager 5.3.  The latest release is just another reason why Case Manager is consistently listed as a leader in various analyst reports. While I’m not surprised, I’m pleased to see that yet again that leading analyst firm, Gartner, has recognized IBM Case Manager as […]