Digital Transformation

Proposed “Electronic Trade Documents” law in the UK may spur global regulatory push towards Trade Finance and Insurance digitization

English Common Law is not only at the root of the 54 Commonwealth countries’ legal systems. It is also the source of de-factoglobally accepted guidelines on working practices and expected standards in cross-border commercial transactions for major economic sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Asset Management and Shipping.  For example, Brexit notwithstanding, a high percentage of Investment […]


By Patricia Sliwinski on August 10, 2021

Human Friendly Automation Day 2021

Wir stehen vor einem Paradigmenwechsel in der Arbeitswelt. Doch damals wie heute wird der wichtigste Aspekt weitestgehend vernachlässigt: Der Mensch und seine persönliche Zukunft. IBM geht voraus: Mit dem weltweit ersten Human Friendly Automation Day am 21. September setzen wir dieses Zeichen der Entschlossenheit: Wir machen uns auf, um die “Bot-Ära” sozialverantwortlich und nachhaltig zu gestalten.


Bank management: Change is achievable

Teaser The professional demands on bank management have increased significantly in recent years. In addition to ever new external requirements, the internal provision of steering information and the rapid implementation of steering impulses to cope with dynamic crises and successfully shape transformations also pose an enormous challenge. With „suboptimal“ support from existing IT systems and […]


Leadership Skills in the Digital Transformation Wave

In an era of unprecedented change, many companies are faced with the challenges of digital transformation. Becoming a digital business means using technology to create new value in business models, customer experiences and the internal capabilities that support core operations and generate efficiencies at the same time. The successful adoption of new technologies and digital […]


Regulatory developments in the Crypto-Asset space – implications for Crypto-Custody at German Banks

Recent legal developments in Germany and internationally point to a step-change in the acceptance of Crypto-Currencies and other Crypto-Assets as being legitimate parts of private and institutional investment portfolios. The new German law allowing all electronic securities to be recorded using blockchain technology aligns with the 2019 strategy paper on blockchain by the Federal Government, […]


Intelligent Workflows in Banking: End-to-end digitization of credit processes creates added value for corporate customers

Financial service providers are part of their customers‘ solution The current health and economic crisis emphasizes the role of banks and savings banks in our economic system. Their role is, among other things, to remain good partners to their customers who are in a state of emergency and to provide flexible financing solutions in an […]


Digital Bad Banks: Preparing for the Next NPL-Wave

Preparing for the Next Wave of Non-Performing Loans The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to accelerating the shift to a new lifestyle supported by technology. The virus-lead market disruption has pressured governments to increase their balance sheets and inject unprecedented amounts of money into the economy. Despite this support, a market disruption of such magnitude will […]


By on August 25, 2020

Quick and Proper Global Payments: New World

Correspondent banking reinvented with Blockchain technology The advantages of blockchain technology for global payments have been discussed in the first two parts (Part 1 and Part 2) of this series. The current global payments landscape is not fit for increasing numbers of global payments and growing demand for peer-to-peer payments across the globe. Blockchain technology, […]