Why IBM Power Systems is Best in Class Private Cloud Systems for Banking

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Digital transactions are growing at an unprecedented rate in the current pandemic, with banks rapidly augmenting applications to cater to this exceptional growth. Given the importance of data security for banks, private cloud is emerging as a popular choice for the deployment of these applications. But before making a substantial investment, banks should ensure that their investment decisions are appropriate by conducting functional and stress tests on the environment.

Managing Stress Test Environments

Using the capabilities of the IBM Power Systems platform, which includes IBM Power Private, IBM PowerVC, and Red Hat Ansible’s automation technology, you can effectively manage your workloads on private cloud environments. The platform equips you with all the functionalities needed to stress test a private cloud environment.

IT team can ensure better ROI by deploying an agile environment. Inherent qualities of this agile environment are

  • Stress test capability for futuristic load (>10x of current workload)
  • New functionality at peak load
  • HA scenarios at peak loads
  • No disruption in current production
  • Minimal human intervention through automation
  • Pay as you use model

As the banking environments are very sensitive for data security, Private cloud can answer all these essential qualities.

1.    Data Sourcing

Private Cloud Systems for Banking

Sourcing production data is a preliminary requirement of any stress testing process. This can be accomplished either with a native copy of production storage or by backing up the recovery solution to test storage.

2.    Deployment Automation Workflow

Once production data is available, most of the other deployment processes can be automated through RedHat Ansible and IBM PowerVC. These are sophisticated tools that require minimum human intervention.

Private Cloud Systems for Banking

Once the applications are selected in the Ansible Tower, the automation process begins. The applications include mobile banking, internet banking, enterprise payment solution, and core CBS solution. Ansible then initiates infrastructure deployment by integrating with IBM PowerVC.

3.    End-to-End Infrastructure Deployment

The Power Systems specifics contained within Red Hat Ansible Engine or Red Hat Ansible Tower enable Ansible to integrate with IBM PowerVC through PowerVC rest APIs. PowerVC gives you the advantage of preparing the system for complete application and database deployment provisions using pre-configured Ansible playbooks.

4.    Application and Database Deployment

After ensuring that all the application and database prerequisites are met, you can initiate iterative application testing. After completing the iterative process and collecting data for further analysis, you can de-provision the infrastructure through IBM PowerVC.

Simplified Cloud Deployment with IBM PowerVC

  • Consistent automation for AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems standardizing deployment across UAT, Pre-Production and Production environment.
  • Addresses AIX skills gap with extreme automation
  • Complete Lifecycle management pre-production and test environment
  • Policies, metering and quota management for a project with a chargeback mechanism
  • Dynamic Resource Optimization across multiple test environments ensures better ROI

The private cloud stress test environment provided by PowerVC can accommodate multiple application projects ensuring better ROI. IBM PowerVC can be made more viable by integrating with Enterprise pool 2.0 across systems. Enterprise pool 2.0 not only ensures low initial investment but also facilitates the deployment of IBM Power Private Cloud infrastructure with shared utility capacityacross a collection of Power systems.

Delivering More with Minimal Cost

IBM Power Private ensures minimal initial investment by allowing you to purchase servers with base capacity. Using the enterprise pool dynamic capacity, you can pay by the minute to address variable demand. IBM Power Private cloud solution along with the capabilities of RedHat Ansible, PowerVC, and Enterprise pool 2.0, gives you a modern automated technology with minimal upfront investment.

With IBM Power Systems platform, you can meet the demands of your cloud environment, modernize your existing applications, and confidently adapt applications to meet your business goals.

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