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Make your store a superhero !

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The era of the consumer is upon us and Indian brands are pulling all stops to tackle the challenges that come with it. With loyalties dwindling and discounts being the new cola wars, the retailers in India have to master the art of of getting the right products in the right places at the right times to maximize revenue.

The challenges are plenty, starting with driving digital revenue by creating iconic shopper experiences that are personalized, engaging and contextual. While curating digital experiences for your customer’s journey across web, mobile, video and social, brands also need to personalize the in-store experience.

Store can complete the shopping journey of reserving an item and trying the merchandize thereby fulfilling the need for a physical touch, picking up favorite dress on the way to the party, to an exchange of shoe which can happen in store and finally short delivery times. Higher footfalls to the store will also give retailers the chance to delight the customer through personalized experience as they already know their preferences including the time slot that has been booked with them. A warm welcome to the shopper at the store can go miles in increasing their loyalty towards the brand!

Understanding how to best leverage stores to efficiently maximize profitability for order fulfillment by balancing shipment costs, anticipated mark downs and delivery promises to the customer. Executing Omni-channel orders like Click & Collect and Ship from Store, using store associates to fulfill orders and manage out of stock / save the sale situations. Predicting Depth and breadth of demand peaks and Item velocity across locations/geographies. Diverse preferences in colour, design and styles needs to be studied to ensure right merchandize in the right store.

Shoppers expect real-time order status, and flexibility to change orders at any point along the journey. The order is incomplete without the installation. The retailers have to optimize their logistics to promise and serve the customer when they want to.

IBM Watson Commerce solutions are helping the biggest brands in India deliver superior experiences

Solving these challenges requires big data and cognitive optimization tools to streamline the supply chain. It’s time to make your store a superhero and deliver the experiences your customers want, even the ones they aren’t expecting.


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