Introduce Next Level of Flexibility in Your Private Cloud Environment with IBM POWER Servers

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Cloud has reset IT expectations for growth in consumer demand for an on-demand economy. Businesses are faced with challenges in how they support a new and ever-changing set of requirements and are looking for apps that deploy quickly, the ability to pay for IT resources based on demand, when they need it, simplify IT management and ways to continuously improve and innovate their infrastructure.


Private Cloud Stands Solid

Today, many customers are deploying multiple clouds within their enterprise and essentially moving towards a hybrid cloud model. Originally, many companies turned their IT to public cloud either partially or fully, in a hope to become agile and lower their overall cost. However, there are trade-offs associated with a public cloud and we are also witnessing shift back to more private cloud as customers seek more control and security for their mission critical workloads.

Growing Interest Around Consumption Based Pricing

Growing Interest Around Consumption Based Pricing

Graphic below gives a view around capacity buying challenges with traditional capacity purchase model. Consumption-based pricing for an on-premises data center infrastructure is gaining traction. With growing interest in OPEX business models, consumption-based model is already accounting for a major chunk of enterprise IT infrastructure spending.

Power Systems Virtualization Leadership

Power Systems have been leading the race in virtualization technology and offers among the highest workload density of any platform. Increased performance and scalability allow clients to put more work on fewer cores and higher amounts of memory allow data-intensive workloads to complete more quickly (thus making CPU cycles available for other workloads).

Power Systems Flexibility Leadership

Power systems have a long history of offering highly flexible, capacity-on-demand capabilities to align tightly with business requirements. More than a decade back, we started offering consumption-based Capacity on Demand offerings. Some of them are listed below:

Power Systems Shared Utility Capacity

The latest in flexible consumption models from IBM is shared utility metering and this makes the foundation for IBM’s unique comprehensive approach to cloud (on-prem to public cloud provider).

IBM Power Systems Private Cloud Solution with Dynamic Capacity

The Power Systems Private Cloud with Shared Utility Capacity expands IBM Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 beyond Power E980 systems to Power E950 systems and provides a complete range of flexibility to tailor initial system configurations with the right mix of purchased and pay-for-use consumption of processor, memory, and software.

Shared Utility Capacity, monitored and metered through an IBM Cloud Management Console (CMC), enables enhanced multisystem resource sharing, and offers fully active, by-the-minute consumption of on-premises Power E980 or Power E950 compute resources within a Power Enterprise Pool.

CMC allow you to manage your pool resources and monitor usage by the minute. This real time usage will allow you to better understand workload needs and help you better plan/manage your infrastructure to ensure you maintain business continuity for business-critical applications.


Ramping up your business-critical workloads on rock solid foundation of IBM Power Servers lets you enjoy best of both the worlds, i.e., time tested reliability, availability, performance along with consumption-based pricing model for optimized cost.

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