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IBM Services – Breakthrough Partnerships: ABFRL partnered with IBM to transform IT infrastructure

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Would you shop in a store at your favourite mall if you found out that they couldn’t bill you because their IT systems went down? Would you remember your bad experience waiting for the team at the billing counter to get the systems up again enough to not visit the same brand at another outlet, in another city? Have they lost a customer simply because their IT let them down just when it was needed to stay up, or better still, self-heal?

These are other scenarios are among the several that retailers across the length and breadth of a booming economy like India face every day. And some of them plan in advance for such outages and execute their plans, not only to provide customers in stores a seamless and smooth experience, but also make sure their employees and the organization more broadly functions without hiccups! Process automation, disaster recovery solutions play significant roles. This doesn’t happen by magic, but by partnering with the right trusted advisor helping them get there!

If you are searching for your trusted advisor, consider attending Building Cognitive Enterprises– an IBM & CNBC event on June 20thin Mumbai.

Watch this short video of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail teamed up with IBM Services to create what is termed a breakthrough partnership.

Both IBM and Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail truly value their relationship. For IBM this is a very strategic engagement in the Indian fashion industry. IBM cognitive solutions provide predictable insights and automation to support business demands, both planned and unplanned. As for ABFRL, as aptly put by Neeraj Pal Singh, CIO – “This partnership will help us in terms of better availability of IT systems, improved productivity, operational excellence, as well as improve disaster resilience.”

To know more about the breakthrough partnership, read this case study.

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