IBM AI Community: 3 Steps To Progress With IBM Cognitive Systems

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AI/ML/DL has come a long way since its earlier applications in nuclear and genomic sciences. Today, it can be used in numerous industry use cases, including Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer service, Data Security, Healthcare, and a host of others. In our view, a lot of AI use cases will no more be “nice-to-have” but would be essential for enterprises as they focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency in the wake of COVID-19 and bleak market/economic outlook.

The clients are working closely with solution providers like you to unleash the power of AI/ML/DL in production environments. Infrastructure plays a very important role which can influence ago/no-go decision for the projects. IBM Cognitive Systems (Power Systems) is building servers for completely open platforms that accelerate these workloads because of the unique capabilities of the hardware as well as software.

Here is an opportunity for us to join hands, build synergy, and help our customers in their “Journey to AI.” Its a 3 step no-nonsense approach to arriving at superior outcomes with your applications and working together for our clients.

IBM AI Community Program-1

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