SGBT / IBM Cognitive Computing Event (23 Feb, 2016)

Very nice session at SGBT Luxembourg : Cognitive Computing and Watson Analytics conversations with 60 client contacts, most of them being business units leader or business analysts.

SGBT / IBM Cognitive Computing Session – Feb 23, 2016

How mobility redefines business

Just as the Internet did before, mobile networks-and the devices that exploit them-are radically changing the way we interact with the world. Everything, from how we transact with merchants, to how we educate our students, to how we entertain ourselves, is moving to mobile platforms with stunning speed. And just as with the Internet before, […]

Avec ISFF, la communauté IBM grandit Avec ISFF, la communauté IBM grandit

La Banque BCP S.A. améliore la performance de ses services informatiques grâce à la plate-forme IBM PureSystems

Luxembourg, 23 octobre 2013 – IBM (NYSE: IBM) annonce que la Banque BCP S.A., présente depuis plus de quarante ans à Luxembourg, a choisi IBM PureSystems pour consolider les services technologiques au bénéfice de ses clients. Cette solution renforcera également l’équipe IT de la Banque BCP en assurant une infrastructure IT encore plus performante.

IBM Pure System sets a new IT experience at Banque BCP Luxembourg

IBM INSPIRE Magazine – June 2013 Edition The IBM Inspire Beyond Today’s Technology magazine is intended for companies that want to be inspired by new technological innovations. IT is everywhere, but often people don’t realize it. Without IT a lot of companies would not exist and many products would not be made or streamlined. How IT can be used in an […]

East-West United Bank virtualise son stockage

Sales representative @ IBM Luxembourg

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