Are you practicing safe tech?

By | 1 minute read | October 28, 2020

Click. Scroll. Swipe.  Pause.  Repeat. 

COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to an all-digital, always-on world.  While digital life brings many conveniences, it also opens doors for security threats like cyber attacks. Knowing how to stay safe online is more important than ever, and we’re here to help make it easy. In celebration of Cybersecurity Month, here are three resources that will help you, your family and your community learn how to stay safe online, no matter how you choose to stay connected. 

  1. Open P-TECH:  Perfect for students and teachers, this free digital learning platform takes you on a journey for cybersecurity. Did you know that cybersecurity is one of the most lucrative tech fields? Sign up today to learn the basics of online safety and earn your IBM Cybersecurity Fundamentals badge. Learn how to protect yourself online while getting an early start to your tech career today.
  2. Let’s Talk Safe TechHave you had the talk?  You know, the one about safe tech.  Celebrity Mayim Bialik partnered with IBM to make it easy and fun for parents, students, and teachers to learn all about online safety.  Take the cybersecurity style quiz to find out more, and share this with your friends to keep each other safe!
  3. CyberDay4Girls:  CyberDay4Girls aims to promote awareness of cybersecurity as a career option globally among pre-teen and teenage girls. Register for this event series designed to introduce girls to the field of cybersecurity, including tips for staying safe online, the importance of securing the internet of things, career opportunities, and an introduction to cryptography. Learn how to get involved

The more you know, the better off you will be.  We are all targets for cybersecurity threats. The tools above can help keep the people you care about safe and maybe even inspire our youth to explore the exciting field of cybersecurity!   I can tell you from firsthand experience the field is changing and more interesting than ever.  So learn all you can and stay safe.