JUMP Math + IBM = multiplying potential

By | 2 minute read | March 10, 2020

“Every child can learn math and love it. Every teacher can learn math and teach it.”

JUMP Math is a non-profit with a dedicated mission of helping educators excel at and enjoy teaching math and, in doing so, instilling confidence and a joy of learning in their students. Our bold vision is that a well-designed core math program can not only build math achievement, but also the social and emotional skills that are critical for fulfilling lives and careers. At its core is a belief that every student and teacher can learn to love math, thus building self-esteem and confidence.

Dr. John Mighton founded JUMP Math more than 20 years ago after seeing transformative math learning and confidence in students he tutored. He himself gained enough confidence to return to school at 30 years of age to pursue a mathematics degree and, eventually, his PhD in mathematics. The approach he designed has evolved, supported by research and cognitive science, and has resulted in success for math for students around the world.

At JUMP Math, we see math as a vehicle for improving social cohesion and equity. Success in math is both an important goal in and of itself and a means to an end – better, more fulfilled lives in a society with realization of one’s full potential. Success in math is critical to achieving goals related to academic achievement, employment opportunities, and lifetime earnings, and those things can change the ways we relate to each other as families, colleagues, community members, and participants in the democratic institutions on which our quality of life depends.

When the opportunity arose to apply for a grant from IBM’s Local Service Corp, we at JUMP Math were very keen. We knew that if we were selected for the program it would be transformative for both the organization and for the teachers and students we serve.

By using IBM’s enterprise design thinking methodology, the IBM team will be looking at the JUMP Math user experience and providing options and opportunities for us to increase our reach and scale across North America, resulting in more impact on individuals around the world.

By enabling us to deepen our relationships and better support educators, the work we are embarking on with IBM will further increase the degree to which JUMP Math accelerates learning. And, our digital transformation with IBM’s help will position JUMP Math to exponentially grow our scale from the 225,000 students we currently reach to potentially millions. The combination of massive growth in reach and a further acceleration of learning per student is the multiplicative impact we seek.

There are many aspects of working with IBM that makes this so exciting for us at JUMP:

  1. The way the engagement is structured with a team of IBM experts steeped in incredible knowledge focused on our biggest challenge will provide immeasurable value.
  2. The exposure of our group to IBM’s Design Thinking approach will make an indelible mark on the team, but also set a working model for ongoing work of our organization moving forward.
  3. Co-creating in real-time with ongoing user feedback promises to deliver not only unique and powerful ideas but prototypes that meet multiple stakeholder needs and wants.

As our work with IBM continues, we feel confident that we will develop solutions that will deliver a truly multiplicative impact for educators and students.  We look forward to making a difference, together.