Environmental leadership: commitment, performance, and trust

By | 1 minute read | August 9, 2019

IBM has been committed to environmental leadership for decades. Our environmental programs extend back over 50 years. Our first formal corporate policy statement regarding the environment was issued in 1971. IBM has sustained its commitment regardless of economic cycles, changes in business and technology, and even changes in the topic’s popularity. The reason is simple. Corporate environmental leadership is the right thing to pursue for our employees, our clients, our communities, and the world in which we live –for the long term.

We just published our 2018 IBM and the Environment Report. This report marks our 29th consecutive year of publishing an annual corporate environmental report. It details our current performance and results. You can read about how IBM is addressing energy efficiency, climate change, product design, the use of materials, and more. You can also learn how we are using IBM’s technology and innovation to underpin new solutions to difficult environmental challenges. For example, you’ll read about how IBM is:

  • Leveraging its decades of polymer research to develop a new catalytic recycling process which can efficiently digest mixed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic waste, separate contaminants, and transform it into a monomer that can be directly used to make new PET plastic products;
  • Working with government and water agencies in Kenya to apply analytics and IBM’s cloud-based Water Management as a Service Platform to help them provide safe drinking water;
  • Applying data, hyperlocal weather forecasts, and machine learning to predict crop yields, identify disease and pest indicators, and estimate soil moisture to optimize irrigation and planting schedules in agriculture; and
  • Developing small, autonomous microscopes connected via an Internet of Things to predict threats to our food supply by monitoring the movements of microscopic plankton in the ocean.

I am very proud of my IBM colleagues across the world. They continue to achieve results that are consistent with environmental leadership. You can trust IBM to sustain its environmental commitment. It is good not only for our planet, but also for our company.


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