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Introducing the New Good Tech IBM Blog

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Introducing the new IBM Corporate Social Responsibility blog, Good Tech IBM Blog.

Why Good Tech IBM, you ask? Because it is at the center of our values. We make advancements in technologies, like artificial intelligence and cloud, that are changing the world for good. Social impact is built into our business. We apply our technology and talent to make an impact- through our operations, in our practices, and by taking clear stands on issues that matter.

Good Tech IBM is not only making technology responsibly-technology free of bias in AI and technology made with sustainable practices- but also, technology that positively impacts individuals, communities, and the world. That is what #GoodTechIBM means.

What can you expect to see from this blog? Here you can catch up on the latest stories around disaster resiliency (like our response efforts to wildfiresand hurricanes), IBMers’ volunteering experiences, education and STEM awareness, the use of AI to combat human trafficking, and so much more. You will hear from industry leaders whose sole focus is to positively impact the world through technology.

All of this with a fresh, new look that is easier to navigate. Good Tech IBM Blog has read times so you have an estimate of how much time it will take to read through the posts and related post suggestions, so you don’t miss out on other good reads. We hope you enjoy the new blog!

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