Call for Code Hackathon on May 4th

By | 1 minute read | April 29, 2019

Join us on May 4th to build resiliency against wildfires in Fremont, CA.

We invite all available developers, engineers, and designers, as well as representatives of organizations supporting disaster preparedness and relief to participate in our Call for Code Hackathon on May 4th in Fremont, CA.

IBM has long built a culture of innovation and responsible stewardship. It’s not just what we do as a company, it’s who we are as IBMers. We strive to be supportive, engaged, and impactful members of the communities in which we live and work. In this spirit of partnership, IBM and IBMers have responded to the California wildfires in a variety of ways from cash contributions to time off for employee volunteering. We’re also making a series of longer-term investments by leveraging our employees and our technology to help California recover and rebuild. For example, in the coming months, we will dispatch a team of IBM experts deployed for four weeks to California to help county organizations to build resiliency and disaster readiness plans.

As part of these efforts, IBM and 42 Silicon Valley are teaming up to host a special, one-day hackathon to create solutions around natural disaster preparedness and relief during wildfires. The event will be hosted at the 42 Silicon Valley Campus on Saturday, May 4, which also happens to be Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.

Call for Code Hackathon – California Wildfires is a satellite event for the Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge. It provides a chance for developers to dedicate time to brainstorm, plan, and start building their submissions for the Global Challenge (which closes on July 29). Projects built at the hackathon will be judged at the end of the day for a local grand prize. Call for Code is a developer challenge supported by IBM Code and Response, which is a four-year initiative dedicated to the creation and deployment of open source solutions.

Call for Code Hackathon – California Wildfires will be held at 42 Silicon Valley, 6600 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont, CA 94555.

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