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Video Conversation with Ted Rubin, Collective Bias | Be Authentic

Bryan Kramer, CEO and President of Purematter talks with Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer, Collective Bias at Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2013 in Nashville. Bryan and Ted discuss the importance of content for brands, becoming a blogger and building a blogger community. “Quality always rises to the top.” – Ted Rubin

Return on Relationship: Why Companies Need to Embrace Social@Scale

Note: Sprinklr engaged 30 of the top minds in enterprise social media to help you understand best practices in enterprise social media management. You can download the full PDF here. The following was my contribution. Since my social mantra has always been about Return on Relationship™, it’s refreshing to see a shift in the corporate mind-set […]

Is Social Marketing a Waste of Time… Hardly!

There is a lot of conversation going on now as we approach the end of another year with many focused on Social and whether or not there is truly gold in them there hills. Todd Wasserman recently wrote a post for Mashable, IMHO, to generate discussion and foster debate, claiming that Social Marketing is a waste […]

Six Do’s and Don’ts for Promoting Your Blog and Using Social Media

For many bloggers who are new to blogging, getting the word out about your new venture can seem like a pretty big obstacle. How do you build readership from scratch and get people to comment? Why is it that when you post a link to your blog on Facebook or Twitter, the only feedback you […]

How do you Measure the Success of Social Media?

This blog was originally posted at TedRubin.com and jointly written by Ted Rubin and Casey Petersen How do you Measure the Success of Social Media? “Success” in a social campaign, and an annualized social media calendar, should be determined by the goals for the campaign and an overall long-term strategy… we like to use the term “Conditions […]

Social Commerce and the Measurable Impact of Social Media

Ted Rubin and Jason Keath debate the impact of social media on business in this new era of social commerce. Hear them discuss how CMOs can instrument their marketing to target clients more effectively and the value digital relationships have to a business. Moderated by CMO Club founder Pete Krainik. Social Commerce and the Measurable […]

It is Time to Come out of that BRAND Controlled Shell

Brands/Marketers… experiment and try different approaches until you hit the one that works. Too often “strategic planning” means setting a course and sticking to it no matter the feedback. The benefit and beauty of social marketing is the ability to experiment in a new environment and chart a course that may otherwise have never been […]

The Future of Media

In 1997 when I joined Seth Godin at Yoyodyne, people were calling the Internet… New Media. But there was nothing really new. It was simply traditional media in a new wrapper… noting new at all. We are now entering the era of “New Media.” Media is now aggregated, not a place, a.k.a… the website destination […]

Return on Relationship™ Infographic

Return on Relationship™ Infographic… created by @MillionYou for #SocialEnterprise2012 ReturnOnRelationshipBook.com This was originally posted on TedRubin.com.

Relationship Building on Social Platforms

So can you maintain meaningful relationships with thousands of people at a time? No, but every touch is important, no matter how small. Think of it this way… individual touches are like relationship seeds. You have a much better likelihood of reaping a good harvest when you sow widely, but only if you prepare the […]