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When Digital and Physical Supply Chains Collide: Profit or Loss is Determined by Supply Chain Fitness

As a consumer, I’ll admit I don’t care how retailers make a profit: I care about getting my order when, where, and how I want it at the lowest cost and fastest service. Retailers want this too, but have you ever wondered how a retailer makes a profit when they ship your order for free? […]

Don’t Hesitate, Automate: Make New Connections with Automated B2B Integration

When looking at the massive web of moving parts that make up your processes, production, infrastructures and processes, the idea of automation begins to sound like an idyllic scenario, if not a cost-effective one, because really, how are you going to connect all those points together without spending millions on tailoring, deployment and training? It’s […]

Internal Vision Breeds Future Visibility

Think of the process automation overseer as a brilliant watchmaker, finely in tune with the endless moving parts associated with keeping a business running smoothly behind the scenes, a Svengali of supply chain management, data storage and transactions, streamlining, securing and stabilizing. This maestro is in charge of what’s often called the digital value chain, […]

IBM Interconnect 2015: Why Supply Chain Interests Me Most This Year

There are lots of reasons why supply chain visibility, flexibility and scalability are critical to the manufacturing industry—but if there’s one reason this topic remains top of mind for organizations like Apple, Ford, GE and their peers, it’s CHANGE. Change in the global geo political climate; change in the actual climate; advances in technology; rising […]

The mad dash to omni-channel: Are you being tactical or strategic?

The following is a guest post by Doug Brochu, CEO of Bridge Solutions Group. We consistently hear from our retail clients that they need to add ”order online pick up in store,” ”ship from store,” ”save the sale” and ”endless aisle.“ So I ask them, “why are you looking to add these features?” Most of […]

Course correction:

Today’s aerospace and defense (A&D) companies are dealing with a variety of challenges from multiple external forces and threats from within. Defense budgets are shrinking, competition is fierce, and riskier market conditions are pushing companies to focus on protecting profit margins. Meanwhile, pressure is on the rise to make products and operations smarter—and many organizations […]

IBM Analytics Warehouse service for customer, marketing and supply chain insights

As an IBM solution architect focused on Smarter Commerce and the IBM Bluemix PaaS offering, I’ve recently discovered the applicability of one of the Bluemix SaaS services to key data mining business scenarios for Smarter Commerce.   There are several data warehouse packs included in the IBM Analytics Warehouse service (formerly BLU Acceleration) that provide […]

What are leading CSCOs doing to prepare for an uncertain future?

The supply chain is the lifeblood of any organization. It “keeps the promises the rest of the organization makes,” as one Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) at a consumer products company put it. But the challenge to optimize the global supply chain—while delivering better customer experiences—is only getting more difficult. In the first installment of […]

Transportation management on the cloud

Increase Collaboration, Visibility and Control   For many organizations, transportation accounts for as much as 25% of indirect costs. Keeping tabs on those trucks, trains, tankers and tracking systems is a complex business. And, making sure deliveries happen on time while controlling costs is also a huge challenge for businesses in any industry. What does […]

Optimizing The Digital Experience Supply Chain

The following is a guest post by Oliver Jaeger, Vice President Global Marketing & Communication, e-Spirit, Inc. We are all familiar with the concept of a supply chain. Raw materials like iron ores are pulled from the ground and turned into raw metals that can then turned into bolts or castings. In turn, these parts […]