A More Complete Guide To Attribution

Following is a guest post by Bill Bruno, CEO at Stratigent. Bill has worked actively in the analytics space for over 9 years. In prior years at Stratigent, Bill has led the services team and has been a consultant as well. He has extensive experience helping clients build a data-driven culture centered around data confidence […]

Since when does SEM no longer include SEO???

It used to be that SEM was the umbrella term for paid and organic search. Articles on search would begin with a sentence such as “Search engine marketing (SEM) comes in two types: paid (PPC) and organic (SEO).”. I used to abbreviate that as “SEM=PPC+SEO”. But something changed in the past 3-12 months. Now, most […]

New Coremetrics Study: How marketers are leveraging new strategies and tactics in search advertising

Last week, Chris Martiniak and I had the pleasure of hosting a search advertising webinar. (Access the recording of the webinar here). The event was a great success with a good mix of close to 400 search practitioners and executives from small and very large companies attending and asking Chris and me great questions. But […]

Ad Testing, scheduling and more in Coremetrics Search 9

Today, we launched Coremetrics Search 9, a major upgrade to our PPC management solution. We’re very excited with the new features, which our great clients have requested. Here are some of the new capabilities: Ad A/B Testing Search marketers battle daily to stand out from the crowd with ads that maximize sales and conversions. They […]

Your search advertising hit a ceiling? Break away from the pure-play trap – part 2

In the previous post, I argued that paid search programs centered on standalone PPC management tools with loose ties to web analytics were likely to hit a ceiling. Because such tools focus on the search practitioner, as opposed to the end customer, their value weakens over time, once the program passes the setup stage. Placing […]

Your search advertising hit a ceiling? Break away from the standalone PPC trap

Tell me how marvelous your search advertising program is. Tell me how you’ve written the book on paid search bid optimization. But if your paid search is managed via a standalone tool that is loosely tied to web analytics then I’m here to tell you that your search advertising is likely to hit a ceiling, […]

Feb 18th, Webcast on Top 5 Changes to Search Marketing in 2010

Search marketing optimization might appear like a single dimensional affair to an outsider, i.e. to optimize ranks for SEO, and to optimize bids for PPC. What could be so hard about that? But insiders know that search is quite a multi-dimensional problem. It requires them to weigh keywords, ads, budgets, bids, currencies, targeting, landing pages, […]

Announcing: A wizard for optimizing natural search (SEO)

“The best things in life are free”, they say, and organic search traffic might seem free at first glance. But in truth, as you will know, organic search isn’t free at all. It requires hard SEO work upfront before you can rank well for highly coveted keywords. This wizard is for any marketer looking to […]

A Wizard for Paid Search (PPC) Optimization

This wizard is for any marketer looking to get more results from their search engine pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns (and who isn’t?). It walks the analyst through a series of steps for increasing results, e.g. by eliminating wasted spending, identifying missed opportunities, improving the persuasion process, or optimizing budget allocation. Click here to start the wizard […]

Effective PPC Campaign Cloning

In the world of Search Engine Marketing, one of the many “must have” features in an SEM application is the ability to quickly grow one’s portfolio of keywords to increase coverage – either using relevant keyword suggestions or the ability to clone keywords quickly from one vendor across to another via a Campaign Cloning feature. […]

Automated Keyword Bidding Doesn’t Have to Be Automated Money Sink

Nick Abramovic’s blog post on Search Engine Land is highly critical of automated keyword bidding practiced today by many Search Engine Marketing agencies. Nick claims that a rules-based approach to account management is flawed and ineffective. I wanted to respond to some of Nick’s technical assertions with a quick review of the automated bidding capabilities […]

Search marketers confident about budget increase, not so about Bing

We recently polled search marketing practitioners and executives about their paid search programs. The poll was taken during a PPC best-practice webinar that we hosted with Search Marketing Standard. The webinar shared the experience and insights of Hello Direct, a Coremetrics client, who was able to maintain great search program performance despite massively reduced budgets […]