Millennials and Mobile are Taking Over

So it has finally tipped over. Millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the largest generation.1 As a millennial in the tech industry, when I read this information last week (on my smart phone), it made me think about the technology we have today versus what my parents had. The powerful mini computers we carry in […]

The Building Blocks of Mobile Strategy

In the first episode of Above the Clutter with Pete Krainik, Trish Mueller, SVP and CMO of The Home Depot, shared their mobile app that literally elicited a “holy moly” from host Pete Krainik. The voice activated app not only provides product information but it also has a 3D interactive map of the store with […]

InterConnect 2016: A Look Forward in Digital Experience

While the IBM InterConnect 2016 conference has come to a close, there is a certain fervor and anticipation of what the future holds for many of the companies we heard from. Being a global conference, we had the benefit of hearing a panoply of perspectives from all industries and geographies, as they shared their vision […]

Father’s Day 2015 Drives Mobile Sales of Sports Apparel and Specialty Gifts

For some of my buddies the highlight of Father’s Day is a family outing to Fenway Park while others count down the days until they unwrap a new set of irons, a crisp new button down shirt, or some shiny new power tool. Me? I dream about my annual Father’s Day fried clams. Being from […]

Storytelling for Brands: The Key to Customer Engagement

In business school, I had a marketing professor that told the most amazing stories. Years later, I can honestly say, I remember more from his class than any other. At IBM Amplify 2015, I attended a session with HSN’s Ramin Eivaz, SVP Strategy, Insight and Analytics, entitled Telling Stories that Connect at Key Moments in […]

Staying Ahead of the Marketing Curve at IBM Amplify 2015

It’s a great time to be a marketer. Not only do we have more communication tools then ever at our disposal, but we have more sophisticated ways to track marketing’s impact on revenue. This ability to capture virtually every customer interaction and talk about how they impacted database growth, retention and overall revenue has enabled […]

Insurers: Here is why you will want to be at IBM Amplify this May

Insurers! Learn how to delightfully engage your policyholders and new prospects by joining us on May 11-13 in sunny San Diego for Amplify 2015. Did you know that 50% of consumers seeking insurance begin on a mobile device? In today’s digital world, the customer is not just always right; the customer is always on! Customer […]

How to integrate cloud, mobile and analytics for insurance success!

At InterConnect 2015, I attended several insurance-focused sessions, including co-hosting an industry luncheon and co-facilitating an insurance industry round table focused on “customer-activated operations.”   I came away from the conference with three main observations: Insurers are still reticent to get in the cloud. Insurers are eager to develop mobile offerings that engage customers. Insurers […]

Deliver a Superior Experience in Digital and Mobile Channels

Organizations are facing tremendous pressure to increase revenue and reduce costs. It’s no longer profitable for your company to focus solely on customer attraction. You must take a step further and seek ways to gain clear visibility into why customers abandon key business processes, such as checkout, site registration, bill pay, and mortgage applications. And, […]

Mobile, Customer Insights and Networking Dominated IBM Interconnect 2015

After four days in Vegas, 40 miles of walking the convention center, and countless conversations and handshakes these are the three things I take away from attending IBM InterConnect 2015:   Mobile dominated the conversations Mobile as a topic was everywhere – in keynote and breakout sessions, business success stories, and solution booth discussions. Mobile […]