Five Reasons You Should Be Mapping Your Customer’s Journey

[Co-authored by Dan Gesser, IBM’s Marketing and Customer Engagement Subject Matter Expert.] A recent study from Gartner suggested that by 2016, 89% of CMOs expect to differentiate on customer experience. There is no denying that in the world of today’s empowered consumer, customer experience is the new battlefield. The problem? Gartner also revealed that only […]

The Getaway Plan

It can be on our minds for months, maybe even since last summer. We consider all the angles, map it out, how to maximize the days, when to take off. “Do I build it around a long holiday weekend?” It’s the summer vacation plan and, let’s admit it, for many of us, it can be […]

Ready for the Marketing Renaissance?

Being dubbed a Renaissance man or woman is high praise, usually applied to people who demonstrate their abilities across a wide array of interests and accomplishments. While your thoughts may gravitate to the great masters of the Italian Renaissance, I’d like to focus on a few who led business model transformations that spurred the rebirth […]

Jumping into Summer Feet-first While Remaining Head-first on the Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season

As grills heat up, pools quickly become overcrowded and the heat consumes us all, it is obvious summer is upon us. What may not be as obvious to some is that this summer season marks the inherent shift in strategy to focus on 2H initiatives, including the behemoth holiday shopping season. Yes, I just referenced […]

Making the Connection Count: Customer Experience Marketing Yields Big Results

While sitting in a session at Amplify 2015, I was struck with a thought. Connection. We look for it throughout our lives. We even extend our search for it to other species in an effort to make sense of our world…and our place in it. It’s what visitors to the Georgia Aquarium go in search […]

How to Integrate Leads, Customers, and Experiences for Insurance Success!

At Amplify 2015, I attended several insurance-focused sessions, including co-hosting an industry dinner and co-facilitating an insurance industry breakout session focused on superior customer marketing. I came away from the conference with three main observations: Insurers are eager to improve their lead generation and routing processes. Forward-thinking insurers are rapidly integrating all of their customer […]

Driving More Meaningful Engagements with Customer Experience Analytics

There is a significant gap between what brands believe their customers are experiencing and what their customers say they actually experience. 81% of consumer brands say they have a holistic view of their customers while 37% of consumers agree with that assessment. The number one reason customers leave a brand is poor customer experience. Organizations […]

How is Your Marketing Team Working to Better Design Customer Experiences?

Increasingly more marketers are tasked with improving and orchestrating their organization’s overall customer experience. It makes sense. The marketing organization’s overall focus is on customer acquisition, retention and creating loyalty which requires marketers to understand who their customers are, what they want or need and where and when they’ll need it. So why is it […]

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Cats, and a “Five-peat” for IBM

There you stand, the lone Marketing manager, out on the range. Just you, your lasso and a herd of cats. You’ve got your trusty steed by your side, but deep down, you know it’s not what you really need to succeed. For marketers, all too often, multichannel marketing can feel like this. Daunting. Complicated. Lacking […]

Mobily Drives Business Growth and Boosts Average Spending with Personalized Marketing

Founded in 2004 in Riyadh by Etihad Etisalat, Mobily is the second-largest communications company in Saudi Arabia. It offers high-quality voice and data services to more than one million active subscribers, and generates annual revenues equivalent to approximately USD6.7 billion. After winning a 45 percent share of its domestic mobile market in just four years, […]

Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention by Truly Understanding the Paths They Travel

It’s true. Marketers have more tools and technology to interact intelligently with customers and customer data than ever before. However, pulling all the data together, from the multitude of campaigns, interactions, and touchpoints in the customer lifecycle, to achieve a cohesive view and understanding of customer behavior, is a monumental task. Data points from these […]

Customer Experience Management: ROI that Speaks for Itself

The mobile world we live in has transferred the power of authority from the hands of the elite few to the empowered many. Being able to make mobile transactions anytime and anywhere gives customers the speed and convenience to shop by their own rules. This is great for business; however, this also means that keeping […]