Madrid Summit

Fast Five with Jay Henderson

1. What’s bringing you to the Madrid Summit? The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit where I’ll be speaking at the “How Cross Channel Customer Profiles Enable Smarter Marketing” session, on Tuesday, May 22nd.  I’m also spending time manning the peds in theSolutionCenter – showing people our portfolio of marketing technologies and explaining the “hot topic” […]

Fast Five with Yuchun Lee

1. So, what’s bringing you to the Madrid Summit? To get a first-hand sense of our global customers, check out their progress, their challenges, and their successes.  2. What are you most looking forward to at the Madrid Summit? It’s always exciting to hear the MSA contestant presentation as well as connect with customers who […]

A little bit about our Madrid sponsors: Purple Square Consulting Ltd

1. Please provide your boilerplate/company description. Purple Square Consulting Ltd is a specialist marketing, data and technology consultancy whose primary objective is to assist our clients to define and build the most appropriate solutions to deliver their CRM and marketing objectives. Our focus is on the application of IBM technologies within the marketing domain, specifically […]

Live with Todd Watson: Mike Rhodin On Insight-Driven Computing

by Todd Watson E-Relationship Manager, SWG Web Presence IBM Software Group, Marketing Todd Watson writes, “[Mike] Rhodin’s talk was entitled ‘Transform Your Business Around the Customer,’ again with the central theme of theSummitthat if more businesses wanted to keep theirs, they would increasingly have to pivot their business around customer needs. Rhodin indicated that he […]

From Madrid – Increasing Marketing Effectiveness in the Midst of Generation C

As part of the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit, I led the Marketing Innovation Summit which brought together marketing professionals to network and discuss best practices. Of the 1,700 conference attendees, more than one thousand came from marketing backgrounds, providing a rich and in-depth conversation surrounding best practices for marketing effectiveness. During the Marketing Innovation […]

Fast Five with Alisa Maclin

1. So, what’s bringing you to the Madrid Summit? In February, I spoke at the IBM Executive Summit 2012 inMacau. I talked partly about the acceleration of change, particularly driven by social and mobile technologies, and while my comments were focused on the Asian markets, I see the same patterns all over the world. For […]

Smarter Commerce Madrid, thus far…

The conversation about Smarter Commerce started Four years ago. In October 2008 the world found itself in the midst of uncertainty. The financial criss left many people uncertain about the future, their jobs and the stability of their communities. In this climate of uncertainty and doubt one thing became evident: analytics would shape the decisions business […]

Live with Todd Watson: IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit Madrid: Deja Mi, Deja Vu

by Todd Watson E-Relationship Manager, SWG Web Presence IBM Software Group, Marketing Todd Watson says, “There’s been a lot of time to focus and reflect on the conference tidings.  I’m especially excited about today’s opening general session, which will transpire in the early afternoon Madrid time (way early for you U.S. East Coasters).” Read more […]

Update from Madrid: Asking Businesses “What If?”

I’m in Madrid at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit and have just wrapped up my keynote speech. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some highlights with you. In composing my thoughts, I came across the work of Sandra Ball-Rokeach, a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of […]

Join the Conversation – Yuchun Lee Discusses Marketing Best Practices and Trends During Special Twitter Chat

During the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 – Madrid, Yuchun Lee, vice president and general manager of IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management Group, will lead the Marketing Innovation Summit, which will bring together marketing experts and industry-leading customers from around the world. TheSummit will engage attendees to explore best practices, enhance marketing skills, and learn […]

Fast Five with Maria Winans

1. So, what’s bringing you to the Madrid Summit? That’s easy. I’m in Madrid to talk to our customers about how they’re transforming their businesses with Smarter Commerce. Smarter Commerce boils down to improving business processes related to the buying of goods and services, the selling of those goods and services, the marketing that occurs […]

Live with Todd Watson: No More Business As Usual – The Road To Smarter Commerce

by Todd Watson E-Relationship Manager, SWG Web Presence IBM Software Group, Marketing Todd Watson says, “There is no longer such a thing as “business as usual.” Empowered and connected consumers are deeply linked — to their friends, colleagues, and the world at large — and they evaluate and compare the quality of their experiences with […]