IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark

Track What’s Hot for the Holidays and Stay Ahead of Trends

For the first time, during the make-or-break Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday period, retailers and consumers had a way to not only track how consumers are shopping across devices, but also to spot top trending products and learn what’s behind the trends. IBM leads innovation in the commerce space, and for almost a decade we set […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—if you’re passionate about the holiday shopping fest that is! Bargain-hunting consumers and profit seeking retailers are getting an even earlier jump on the season, so you’ve probably noticed that your favorite stores have already started promoting their holiday deals earlier and earlier with “pre-black Friday” discounts and […]

Grow Your Holiday Sales in 2015: Offer Your Customers More Ways to Pay

As we put Halloween behind us and turn our focus fully toward the holiday shopping season this year, I am excited that it’s time for reporting on many retail activities. You may have heard of our announcement last week of IBM Watson Trend. IBM Watson Trend expands on IBM Benchmark, the industry’s go-to source for […]

Don’t Let These Payment Acceptance Challenges Drive Your Customers Away

Remember when people used to pay for groceries with personal checks? Or how about those manual credit card machines that made carbon imprints of your plastic? Or when the biggest concern a merchant had was making sure they had enough coins and bills to make change for customers? It wasn’t that long ago. Of course, […]

Making Mom Feel Special with Online Shopping

Whether you treated her to a spa day, breakfast in bed, or a blossoming bouquet, the mothers of the world got an extra dose of love yesterday. While we all know there’s no gift that can say “thank you for changing my diapers, dealing with my teenage years, and explaining tax returns”, many kids (big […]

Spring is Here – Before You Know it So Will the Holidays

Now that the snow has finally melted, I keep insisting that it should in the 70s by now instead of the 50s despite historically low figures for the month of March. “The first day of Spring is over, let’s get on with it!” And so it goes with the holiday season. Before we know it, […]

Retailers Benefited from Generous Gift Givers this Valentine’s Day

Despite bitter temperatures across the US this winter, consumers embraced Valentine’s Day shopping wholeheartedly. Based on new data from IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, you spoiled your loved ones this year … specifically, overall online shopping rose 10.2% during the week of Valentine’s Day compared to the same period in 2014. After spending hours reading candy […]

What To Do If You Missed The Holiday Mark?

The pace of change in retail is only becoming faster. As we all rush to prepare for the next peak in traffic and sales, we risk not giving ourselves enough time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t, or seeing the trends that could impact our planning. So as you look at the data coming […]

Three Shopping Data Takeaways for a Winning 2015

The handwriting is on the wall. To win in 2015, I recommend acting on what the data reveals. The digital shopping data from this holiday season is pointing to what I consider three prime opportunities for retailers and other customer-facing enterprises. IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark began in early October tracking and reporting real-time online holiday […]

Looking Back to Strategize Forward: Three Tactical Themes to Incorporate into your 2015 Strategy

Now that it’s mid December, I hope most of you have had a bit of a breather after the historic holiday shopping period, now known as the five-day ‘Cyber Week.’ I know the weeks to come will also be a nail-biter as you all scramble to finish the quarter and year strong while trying to […]

Don’t Compromise on Customer Experience this Holiday Season!

The following is a guest post by Steve Perry, the owner of Pereion Solutions. We are in the midst of the 2014 holiday season and the early returns from the IBM Digital Analytics Holiday Benchmark are in and provide timely insight into online shopping trends. I would encourage you to visit the IBM Digital Benchmark […]

Customer engagement loads up shopping carts

Have a bit of a shopping hangover after a Black Friday/Cyber Monday spending spree? I know I do. That “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are now part of the collective psyche speaks both to the extraordinary marketing efforts of retailers to turn a profit and our willingness to engage with those brands that offer us […]