Evolving a 105 Year Old Brand with Cognitive Marketing

What do coffee grinders, cheese slicers and clocks have in common? They are some of the earliest products offered by IBM and, as Jon Iwata, SVP, Marketing & Communications at IBM reveals, they are tools that provide certainty in business. In the final episode of Above the Clutter with Pete Krainik, Jon shares what has […]

It’s Serendipity – IBM Journey Designer Is Here!

We marketing professionals have a monumental opportunity to design serendipity for our customers— those happy circumstances that conspire to give customers “You read my mind” moments. Think about it. You’ve had those experiences with innovative brands, right? I have too, and those brands quickly become a favorite, or a worthy contender. We’re announcing IBM Journey […]

Five Best Practices on Journey Design, Part One

Remember when marketing was easy? A simple enough process: Create some campaigns, design creative, write some copy, and then publish. We would pat ourselves on the back for how creative our ideas were and move on to the next campaign. These days, campaigns are no longer the high-level strategy within a marketing organization. Our customers […]

Fail Forward Fast – Agility to Innovate at Speed in the Cloud

Recently, at IBM’s Amplify event in the ecommerce keynote session, we heard Arnie Leap, CIO 1800 Flowers, talk about how moving to the cloud will allow his organization to focus more of its time and resources on innovation, rather than worrying about “keeping the lights on.” “We need environments [structured] in such a way that […]

5 Customer Experience Tips (from Real Customers)

Whether your business is B2B, B2C or B2B2C, today, every business must be C2B—customer to business. The customers should guide your strategy for delivering valuable engagement. Here are 5 customer experience tips that I learned from listening to our key industry influencers and an IBM executive. 1. Social listening is key. When a customer complains […]

Helping brands act a little less like Businesses, a little more like Friends

No matter how busy my day gets, there’s one ritual I never miss: my morning walk down to the local coffee shop. I’ve been going to the same spot for so long that I’ve really gotten to know the baristas there. It’s gotten to the point where most of the servers know my routine and […]

Insurance as a Service?

“Living at risk is jumping off a cliff and building your wings on the way down.” — Ray Bradbury Imagine a world where your insurance benefits and rates fluctuate on a daily or even hourly basis, based on your unique lifestyle. Sure, you have a baseline of auto and homeowner’s insurance that protects your “stuff.” […]

Good fit today, outgrown tomorrow- the evolution of omni-channel retailing

In January, I attended my 30th NRF. And, like my experiences at each of the previous NRF’s over the last 3 decades, the most valuable part of the event was the opportunity to sit down with clients, better understand their businesses, get a sense of their objectives and challenges, and provide input on how they […]

How to Mash Up Video Marketing and Behavioral Marketing

The following is a guest post by Kieran Farr, Founder and CEO, Vidcaster, an IBM Business Partner. Video is an insightful content format that gives you superior clues about who your audience is, what they want and what they don’t want. When you combine video marketing and behavioral marketing in a data-driven way, you can […]

Drowning in a Wave of Data? Learn How to Surf and Dive Like the Best at IBM Amplify in Sunny San Diego this May

In five short weeks thousands of our clients, Business Partners, IBM executives and subject matter experts will gather in beautiful San Diego for our conference IBM Amplify. The line-up of client speakers is outstanding (scan the list in this blog alone). We will be making a number of announcements that I *wish* I could share […]

How to integrate cloud, mobile and analytics for insurance success!

At InterConnect 2015, I attended several insurance-focused sessions, including co-hosting an industry luncheon and co-facilitating an insurance industry round table focused on “customer-activated operations.”   I came away from the conference with three main observations: Insurers are still reticent to get in the cloud. Insurers are eager to develop mobile offerings that engage customers. Insurers […]

How Happy Are Your Online and Mobile Customers? Discover the 5 Critical Needs for Business Success

Are you delivering relevant, consistent experiences to your customers? You might think you are, but you might be wrong. According to an IBM study of marketing professionals, brands in the US see about $83 billion USD in lost sales each year due to bad or inconsistent customer experiences. But in another IBM study, only about […]