Two Tech Giants Just Changed the Customer Experience World

In the late ‘90s, I wasn’t worrying about contributing to my 401K. Heck, I probably didn’t even know what the term meant. For better or worse, time progressed and the word 401K now comes up way too much in my social circles. The world has changed drastically since the ‘90s and ecommerce is no exception. […]

A Smarter Way Back to School

Back-to-school shopping is definitely not what it used to be. Sure, our moms dragged us from store to store so we could try on pants and look for supplies. And yes, sometimes they didn’t have what you needed at the first store and you had to make another trip. But the school shopping scene has […]

Investing for Digital Commerce Success

There is no shortage of statistics that describe the level of influence digital channels have on retail sales. Deloitte Digital recently published a report stating that $2.2 trillion or 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores are influenced by digital channels¹. Couple that with $300 billion in online sales growing at a rate […]

Order Management Matches Shoppers’ Wants with Retailers’ Needs

We all have to admit there’s a lot of flash, bling, a bit of smoke and mirrors, and dare I say, magic, in retail. But retail can also be quite personal, driven by emotion and “feel.” In an earlier era, substantial fortunes were built in retail by visionaries whose seat-of-the-pants, back-of-the-cocktail-napkin instincts for form and […]

The Future of the Ecommerce Customer Journey

I’ll say right up front, I’m fortunate to be apart of one of the coolest experiences in the world, being a Futurist for IBM. I get to observe companies doing extraordinary things in the ecommerce space and engaging with customers as they move through their journeys. It’s obvious that marketing to consumers is becoming ever […]

How Hot Is That Summer Deal?

It’s summertime and the sales are everywhere! My inbox is on fire with messages from retailers offering hot summer deals on seasonal trends as well as spring and summer merchandise they’re trying to clear out to make room for new back-to-school and holiday inventory. This is great for me as a consumer – this past […]

What We Heard at IBM Amplify 2016

It’s been some time now since I returned from Tampa, but my colleagues and I are still reflecting on everything we learned from so many interesting customers while we were at IBM Amplify. It was inspiring to hear from a great variety of clients about the challenges they’ve faced – and overcome – in their […]

Data Sharing isn’t a Game of Telephone

When you were a kid, did you ever play the telephone game? It’s the one where several children get together and the first one whispers something to the next one, then that kid attempts to whisper the same thing in the next one’s ear, and so on, until the message travels all the way to […]

Impact of Smart Analytics on Commerce

This post is part of The Future Project 2025 series. Follow along as IBM thought leaders and futurists envision the impact of big data and analytics on commerce. Customer analytics have revolutionized the way companies do business and the way they interact with their audiences. More data is available than ever and it is more […]

Tweet Chat: Collaboration across the Enterprise—The Secret to Delivering a True Omni-channel Customer Experience

ECommerce doesn’t stop with the order. To deliver a true omni-channel customer experience that creates happy, loyal customers while increasing profit margins, organizations need to work together across departments. For companies like Performance Bicycle, collaboration has made it easier to use data effectively to ensure delivery of relevant brand experiences that drives customer engagement. So, […]

The Power of Collaboration

Most of us have seen one, perhaps when driving around town, while watching a cycling race on TV, or maybe even from the “inside” as a participant—the paceline. A key component of cycling in groups, pacelines deliver several key benefits, chiefly: efficiency, speed, and safety. Riders get “pulled” along by the aerodynamics of the group […]

Are You a Business Minimalist?

I’ve read quite a bit over the past few years on the benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle, and have applied some of what I’ve learned both personally and professionally in an attempt to manage the overabundance of information, opportunities, and opinions available today. What I’m wondering lately is, “Could a business benefit from this […]