Flip Your Structure to Drive Business

The retail landscape is shifting to provide the ultimate customer experience. Technology is forcing this issue, and the Internet is providing a more direct relationship with the customer. If you’ve grown up in retail, you won’t be surprised to see technology is moving much faster than anyone can possibly keep up with; and retailers are […]

5 Critical Considerations for Cloud-based E-commerce

The following is a guest post by Jerry Lewis, VP Commerce Platforms and Client Strategy at Astound Commerce. With the ever-growing list of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-based providers of e-commerce solutions, it’s becoming difficult to understand all the options, let alone differentiate among them or choose from them. A Google search for “cloud e-commerce providers” […]

Building compelling retail mobile apps for shoppers

How many mobile apps from retailers or sellers do you have on your smartphone right now? Probably not too many. I have a few apps for restaurants, like McDonald’s and Tim Hortons, and a few for electronics such as Best Buy and Future Shop, and for general shopping, I have Amazon, eBay, Toys R Us, […]

Store-to-trunk…with a silver lining

Last week, I had the great privilege of meeting with a number of retailers attending the 2014 Shop.org Summit in Seattle. And, it continued to underscore for me just how clever retailers are—and have to be—to keep up with us ever-changing consumers. One of the more fascinating conversations I had, last week, had a surprise […]

Understanding the customer’s ’vicissitudes of intention’

I’ve grown quite interested in the debate in the U.S. about how to “fix” education. We’ve thrown money at the problem – but other countries with high student performance spend far less. We’ve tried reducing class sizes – and yet some countries with far larger class sizes outperform the U.S. in terms of student performance. […]

Commerce Composer Hits the Jackpot With A WIN-WIN-WIN For All Parties

The following is a guest post by Rick Miller, Director of retail & commerce solutions, Avnet Services Having been part of business and IT teams during my career (as well as a consumer), I can attest that all parties have won with the release of IBM’s Feature Pack 7 for IBM® WebSphere Commerce. I’ve never […]

The 2013 Holiday Online Shopping Roundup

Okay, can we call the holiday season for 2013 officially over? If so, we can start to do some final tallies from the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark to see where our digital shopping habits ended up for the 2013 holiday shopping season. And that’s precisely what my friends with that team were doing right up […]

Let The Mobile Holiday Shopping Stampede Begin

There’s no holiday for the shopping analytics weary. The IBM Digital Analytics Holiday Benchmark has kicked into high gear for “Cyber Week,” and there are already some important trends emerging. The data I’m reporting on is good through midnight PST Monday (November 25th) evening. First, let’s look at online sales overall. They’re already up nearly […]

Let The Chinese E-Commerce Engines Roar

Monday was Veteran’s Day here in the U.S., an annual holiday where we honor those who serve (or have served) in our armed services. I’m thankful for many in family who served, including several of my uncles and my grandfathers, all of who are now no longer with us, but whose memory lives on. Halfway […]

The Mobile Experience Is Key To A Successful Holiday Season

The proliferation of mobile devices and tablets has fundamentally shifted the way customers shop and interact with retail brands. Shoppers now demand a seamless and personalized shopping experience across their multiple devices whether they’re at home or in the store. IBM’s recent Online Retail Holiday Readiness report revealed mobile is poised to shatter online sales […]

Big Data Fuels Big Commerce

I have a New York Times weekend and digital subscription, and it’s often the first thing I check in the morning, and the last thing I check before going to bed. But when I awakened early this particular morning, I discovered a DNS resolution error. As it turned out, the Times’ domain name resolution had […]

Shop And Go And Shop

The summer sales are on, so it was high time IBM checked back to see what happened with consumer spending and retail sales in the second quarter. Apparently, as temperatures rose, so did consumer spending. Sales were up 15% over 2Q 2012, and mobile continued to dominate, with the mobile percentage of sales reaching 19.4%. […]