High-Availability B2B Integration and Disaster Recovery (Part One)

When people talk about disaster recovery, they often cite major weather events like hurricanes or tidal waves. After all, nothing good would result if your data center were subjected to a fire, flood or an earthquake. But IT disasters aren’t always related to dramatic, newsworthy events. Sometimes failures are a lot more mundane, like servers […]

Introducing IBM Control Center v6.1: High Availability, More Managed Endpoints, and Simplified Data Access

Life is good until… your B2B or MFT system goes down. Suddenly this seemingly innocuous piece of your infrastructure—the thing that “always works”—isn’t available. I’ve seen it. Business grinds to a halt. Even if it’s just minutes, it can have a tremendous ripple effect throughout your organization. The impact of an outage can typically be […]

We Want It Now

When did we move away from it being acceptable to wait more than a few days for something we are buying to requiring that we have it within one day? Immediately would be even better! I admit, I am guilty of this impatience, just like a majority of my fellow buyers. The other day I […]

Podcast: REI Stays Ahead of the Competition by Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency with IBM B2B Cloud Services

IBM InterConnect 2016 – REI Session Preview Nicole Gressa and Kate Compton, Senior Analysts for REI Vendor Operations, discuss their upcoming session at IBM InterConnect: How REI’s B2B Cloud Reduces Costs, Increases Efficiency and Keeps Us Ahead of the Competition. The session takes place Feb. 22, at 4:30 p.m. PT in Mandalay Bay North Convention […]

9 Steps to Building a Compelling Business Case for B2B Integration

This is the final entry in my series of blogs providing advice and tools to help you secure budget for B2B Integration investments. The last topic, creating a business case, is critically important. Even though few look forward to creating a business case, knowing how is a skill that will benefit you many times during […]

Insights That Will Change the Way You Market and Sell Online

Making the best decisions to market and sell your products online is never straightforward. You have to interpret data from many disconnected sources, spot the trends and relationships within the data in time to make informed decisions, and pull all of this data into visually compelling and informative presentations that customers and executives can easily […]

Six Things You Need to Know before You Start Building Your 2016 B2B Budget

It’s the time of year when most organizations begin planning and budgeting for next year. As is always the case, budgets are tight, so making the strongest case for funding your B2B Integration projects will benefit you, which is why I am writing a three-part blog series to help you build a compelling business case […]

B2B Marketers: Facing the Forces of Change

B2B marketers are grappling with significant forces of change related to how companies buy business products and services. Examples include: More people with more influence – There is a growing number of participants involved in the buying process and their influence on the decision is increasing. Diversity of perspectives – Participants are women and men, […]

The Deadly Deeds That Destroy Value and Kill Your Business

Marketers today must be acutely aware of all the data that is being captured and what can be measured. Many times, companies have data from a variety of sources, such as Facebook, email or their website, and that’s all great. But having so much information can be overwhelming, and as a result, nothing is done […]

Consolidated MFT: Do Partners Need to Convert?

If you’ve considered file gateway consolidation, you likely think one of the main challenges is making the expensive and disruptive move to convert all of the existing connections you have to external trading partners, suppliers, and customers—connections to all those who exchange files with you. This typically costs time and resources, and requires extra work […]

The Only Thing That Matters: REAL Relationships #NewWayToEngage

The following is a guest post by #NewWayToEnage futurist Chris Heuer.   Truth be told, the only thing that matters, is everything, but that is technically many things and something that is, in itself, a Zen koan of epic proportions that we’ll save for another day. In looking at a “New Way to Engage” during […]

Awaken: It’s Worth the Risk #NewWayToEngage

The following is a guest post by Terry L Duperon, Retail Brand Development and Sales and Distribution Expert at Retail ProSales. When IBM asked me to participate at Amplify 2015 to give an Ignite talk, I was inspired to speak on my personal journey of meditation. The conversation of awakening and expanding my awareness seemed […]