The Future of Shopping

The Future of Shopping We watch movies about the future, we read articles about the changes we’ll see as the result of new technology, but it’s not often we get to hear projections from industry leaders and a noted futurist about what a business will look like twenty years from now. That’s exactly the experience […]

Conversational Commerce in Retail Delivers Personalized Customer Experiences in Context

We all need personal attention–from parents as son or daughter in family, from teachers as a student, from managers as an employee. I know I definitely get rattled when I don’t get it, and if anybody addresses me or sends any communication without trying to understand my likes or dislikes, it’s bothersome. Similarly, as a […]

Delightful Customer Experiences: Find out How You Can Build Brand Advocacy with Every Engagement at 2016

Marketers, merchandisers, product managers, and fulfillment professionals all have one thing in common: nothing in their day-to-day jobs is predictable. Regardless of one’s role in retail, the game can seem to always be the same–you want to make strategic decisions that get out ahead of the competition, but instead find yourself reacting to competitive pressures […]

Amplify showcases new ways to ‘Outthink Ordinary’

To separate yourself from the pack, to attract and retain customers, to lead, to win, to ‘Outthink Ordinary.”  Most true leaders want that, but the more than 3,500 industry leaders, experts and practitioners at IBM Amplify 2016 today understood that outthink ordinary was more than a conference tagline, they learned how new technology will help.  […]

5 Things You Won’t Want to Miss at Amplify 2016

One of the most exciting things about working in commerce is the pace of change. Customers continue to have higher expectations from their commerce experience, and solution partners continue to innovate to meet those expectations. No one platform delivers the complete experience—it takes an ecosystem to enable those iconic experiences that makes your brand stand […]

InterConnect 2016: Insights for Insurers

At IBM InterConnect 2016, I attended several insurance-focused sessions, including co-hosting an industry luncheon and hosting an insurance industry sales progression dinner. I came away from the conference with three main observations: Driven by increasing industry disruption, insurers are approaching a tipping point to get into the cloud. Insurers are developing mobile offerings that engage […]

Observations from IBM InterConnect 2016

The following is a guest post by Bernard Golden, one of’s 10 most influential people in cloud computing. Last week I had the privilege of attending IBM’s InterConnect 2016 conference. I had never been to an IBM conference before, and I thought it would be useful to offer up the reactions of a first-time […]

Running Your File Transfer Service Like a Business

Vendors focus on products and solutions to help you provide important file transfer capability that supports key business processes. But it takes more than products and solutions. Leading companies realize that it requires people, process, and technology to deliver a successful service to the business. Some of those processes are around how you define, measure, […]

Coping with Rapid Change in B2B Integration? Attend InterConnect 2016

How does the saying go? Something like, “the only constant is change.”  That’s very true for the world of B2B Integration. In fact, it seems like that change happens faster every year. Global trends indicate that complexity is ever increasing as companies face rising customer demands, increasing cost to service those demands, and new compliance […]

The HIPAA Data Standards Series: Braving the Storm

As we approach HIPAA’s 20th anniversary, the growth of data standards mandates is moving from a steady stream to a veritable avalanche. By the end of HIPAA’s first decade, about a dozen healthcare-specific transaction sets were required for use by covered entities. Since then, the continual downpour of data-processing expectations and requirements has affected even […]

Want to Push Past Limits? Come to InterConnect 2016

Does an average three-year ROI of 308% seem unthinkable? What if you could create $4 in benefit for every $1 invested? Although the numbers may sound like Excel fantasy, they’re actually rooted in reality. Come to InterConnect and learn how IBM B2B Integration Services in the cloud make results like these possible. Outthink limits: It’s […]

NRF 2016: Top 5 Trends from Retail’s Big Show

Having just returned from NRF 2016, I wanted to quickly share a few key trends while the buzz from the show is still loud. This year’s event was a huge event with over 35,000 attendees and over 560 exhibitors. IBM had a big presence there too, with a massive booth that was humming with energy […]