Customer Experience Management: ROI that Speaks for Itself

The mobile world we live in has transferred the power of authority from the hands of the elite few to the empowered many. Being able to make mobile transactions anytime and anywhere gives customers the speed and convenience to shop by their own rules. This is great for business; however, this also means that keeping your customers happily shopping requires some relationship investment.

In an ever connected world, consumers expect top-notch mobile interfaces. Organizations need to have visibility into their customers’ mobile experiences to continually gather and analyze mobile data for interface improvement. IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile does just that: streamlines customer data collection into a more efficient analysis process and gives organizations a play-by-play of customer interactions with mobile interfaces. All of this on an individual level.

IBM Tealeaf and Forrester just released the Total Economic Impact study, which analyzes the costs and savings of implementing Tealeaf CX Mobile over the course of a three year period. The results? Staggering! The investment made in analyzing customer interactions with mobile storefronts gives an organization insights literally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Benefits in three years

  • 2% increase in conversion rate of mobile sales and transactions (or $975,645)
  • 1.5% increase in customer retention (or $130,086)
  • 60% reduction in time spent resolving mobile issues (that’s $269,870 saved!)
  • $123,557 in savings thanks to prioritized mobile development
  • 30 second decrease in the average call center handling time (that’s an additional $101,250 saved)

Mapped out in three years’ time, these benefits really take off. Read more about the report and see how IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile can perpetuate the ROI in your customer experience management.

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