IBM Interconnect 2015: Why Supply Chain Interests Me Most This Year

There are lots of reasons why supply chain visibility, flexibility and scalability are critical to the manufacturing industry—but if there’s one reason this topic remains top of mind for organizations like Apple, Ford, GE and their peers, it’s CHANGE.

Change in the global geo political climate; change in the actual climate; advances in technology; rising overseas wages; and an increased focus on assembly to sale time have all led to a focus on near-shoring. Bringing those manufacturing jobs back to North America is now an operational trend two years in the making.

I came across this fantastic post on Manufacturing-Today and found it fascinating to read. This represents a significant shift in the logistical design of massive manufacturing organizations’ supply chain topography. This sort of wholesale shift would not be practical or manageable without nimble, scalable B2B integration, capable of on-boarding and off boarding a significant roster of upstream partners which compose the supply chain of the modern day manufacturer.

At IBM we commonly work with organizations that have over one thousand tier one and two suppliers spread across the globe, which is why when IBM brings together our customers and our subject matter experts at a conference like Interconnect 2015, it behooves organizations challenged in this area to seize the opportunity to engage and learn.

This year IBM is hosting multiple sessions and round tables for manufacturers, and in the B2B integration space there will be double digit sessions worth attending. I’ll definitely be at the Meet the Experts Forum #1 on Tuesday, 11am–12pm to hear from IBM SMEs and the folks from Lenovo, who partnered with IBM a few years ago to modernize their global supply chain (you can read about it here). If you’d like to ask questions to Lenovo and IBM about this important topic, this will be the session for you: Q&A is the only agenda item. I look forward to seeing everyone there, and throughout the InterConnect conference.

View invite here.

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