Mobile content stickiness, a post-it parable…

We’re deep in the dog days of summer. The country’s birthday is behind us, we’ll soon stop wearing white, state fairs have run their course and kids are getting ready to go back to school. Did I forget something? Oh yeah, right, there’s that stellar event taking shape in the 1st week of September we call the Smarter Commerce Global Summit in sunny Orlando, Florida. I’ve the distinct honor of presenting with the ever awesome Justin Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of DeJaMi. I know what you’re thinking, what are these two cats going to talk about? Well, in a word: stickiness. We’re going to talk about how to make things stick like a football in the careful hands of Jerry Rice. To that end, let me give you a preview, allegorically speaking:

I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm the one on my cellphone to be exact.


I slipped it in my pocket, went downstairs made a cup of coffee and then the started turning.

Still in the kitchen I checked my , then my and finally read the , on my cell phone to be exact.

As I began climbing the stairs I decided to check IBM’sprice.

My friend me expressing excitement about tonight’s concert and asked for a ride.

As I stood in line for a sandwich I remembered the birthday coupon in my inbox, so I went , on my phone.

The deep discount for the mobile coupon and my gift certificate left me very, very

The afternoon began to drag a bit so I looked at my phone and began to play a 


So what’s the moral of the story?

The  & the apps on it, generate lots and lots of , making marketers very very . Metrics help us improve engagement which turns into stickier content and better apps which helps us improve engagement and makes the  a better place.


See you in Orlando!


Len Shneyder
Product Marketing Mgr.
IBM | Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)

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