2010: what a year!

I’m sitting at my desk, enjoying some delicious egg nog (given to me by colleague and noted blogger, Jay Henderson) while listening to Jimmy Durante sing Frosty the Snowman as snow falls lightly outside. What better place than here; what better time than now–to take a couple of minutes to recap the year that was–complete with lots of superfluous adjectives.

We started things off with a bang, acquiring an amazing company, Pivotal Veracity—the best-in-class email deliverability provider with a rabid following of tremendous customers.

From there, we further strengthened our search marketing capabilities and SaaS-product line with the acquisition of MakeMeTop (a “catchy” name to say the least)

Post-acquisition excitement spiraled into our annual user conference, MIS, which brought together an unbelievable array of marketers presenting phenomenal examples of smarter marketing…and speaking of “smarter”…

…ah summertime…the traditionally quiet, nee relaxed, time of year…though in our case, it was anything but…we went from being Unica Corporation to being Unica, an IBM Company (editor’s note: the addition of “an IBM Company” actually happened post-summertime)

This was and is a most exciting acquisition for Unicans and IBMers alike, as well as for our customers and even Unica shareholders (who saw their stock price increase a staggering 120%)

It’s been a wild and crazy year at Unica…with lots of other (non-M&A) news—from continued leadership positions in research reports to new product features and capes to cool new customers and more (me thinks I’m sounding like a furniture store ad)

As we close the figurative book on ’10 (the year of the tiger, according to the Chinese Zodiac), let’s hope for more fun and excitement starting on 1/1/11 (ooh, I wonder what the conspiracy theorists are theorizing about that date???)

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