Feeding the U.S. Military

Almost 43 years ago, on July 1st, 1973, the draft was eliminated and our U.S. Military became a volunteer army. In order to fill the ranks, the U.S. Army would need to begin tactics to recruit service members to join the forces–American men and women who would give years of service, asking for little in […]

High-Availability B2B Integration: Global Mailbox (Part Four)

Things can get really interesting for an IT shop when the business starts to engage with a geographically dispersed network of trading partners. One of the most critical aspects of this type of business growth is the impact to availability requirements. Expanding the reach of a trading partner network means that thinking of “hours of […]

Top 5 Trends Shaping the Modern Procurement Landscape

We make it a point to stay ahead of the curve and understand the critical challenges and priorities for procurement organizations at Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies. The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Study is a prime example. The IBM IBV CPO Study surveyed more than 1,000 procurement executives across 41 countries to […]

Turning Cognitive Marketing from Idea to Reality

I had the privilege of attending IBM Amplify 2016 as a member of the IBM Futurist community. Each time I attend an IBM conference I make it a point to focus my energy on what’s possible. This requires me to let go of today’s limitations and to think a little less about my day-to-day activities, […]

Are You a Business Minimalist?

I’ve read quite a bit over the past few years on the benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle, and have applied some of what I’ve learned both personally and professionally in an attempt to manage the overabundance of information, opportunities, and opinions available today. What I’m wondering lately is, “Could a business benefit from this […]

The HIPAA Data Standards Series: Bitcoin Reveals the Future of Healthcare

On February 5, 2016, hackers attacked Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center’s computer systems. They prevented hospital staff from gaining system access and said they would only restore it if they received a payment of 40 bitcoin (about $17,000). While small in scale and cost, this security breach may unknowingly show us healthcare’s future. And no, that […]

Connecting With Customers Through “Microdata”

This post is part of The Future Project 2025 series. Follow along as IBM thought leaders and futurists envision the impact of big data and analytics on commerce. Big data and analytics allow greater visibility into and understanding of where buyers are entering the marketing funnel. With this knowledge, we can offer more personalized and […]

The Digital Union of Content and Commerce

How to Deliver Seamless Digital Experiences that Delight Shoppers and Drive Revenue The Marketers Dilemma With all the interactive devices at our disposal (including computers, smart devices, tablets, in-store display, et al) combined with an increasing number of digital services (social media, content subscriptions, branded content, ecommerce), digital consumers have never had so many options. […]

IDC Weighs In: What’s the ROI of B2B Integration on Cloud?

When it comes to increasing revenue, speeding up time to market, and improving efficiency, a modern approach to B2B integration is critical. That’s because all these outcomes depend on having a successful business network — one that’s flexible and cost-effective. Of course, no business can afford to sacrifice innovation to keep costs in check. Fortunately, […]

IBM Amplify 2016 Keynote Summaries and Video On-Demand

The IBM Amplify 2016 keynote presentations offers some of the best ideas and solutions available today, and some coming soon, to enable leaders and practitioners across all commerce areas to Outthink Ordinary. Read the summaries and watch the on-demand videos for: eCommerce and Merchandising Customer Analytics Marketing Digital Experience eCommerce and Merchandising Keynote In Tuesday’s […]