Podcast: Choosing Content Management Software

You have lots of choices when it comes to content management software. Learn more about choosing content management software in this podcast by David Strachan, Offering Manager at IBM. David talks about selecting a CMS and what sets Watson Content Hub apart. The whole point of a CMS system is to help you create, as […]

What Not to Miss in Las Vegas This March

The results are in: Your commerce experience doesn’t meet your customer’s expectations! The good news is that you are not alone – but if you can find your way to Las Vegas for the week of March 20, you can get all the help you need to correct the situation. Join us at IBM Amplify […]

Forrester on Digital Experience: Set Your Developers Free

Learn how to free up your developers, so they can do their development work Marketers, business owners, and developers often need to work together to deliver the best possible results. But there can be too much togetherness. According to a recent Forrester study, only 47% of technology developers report that their relationship with marketing is […]

Develop a Plug-In for IBM Watson Commerce Insights

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you may know the frustration associated with building an app, only to have to wait until customers discover it. But now IBM Watson Commerce Insights enables you to seamlessly integrate your offering so merchants who use Watson Commerce Insights can view data in your platform with a single click. […]

Store-To-Trunk…with a Silver Lining

Not too long ago, I had the great privilege of meeting with a specialty retailer that had rolled out a new service offering, encountered unexpected wrinkles, adjusted to the surprises, and reaped ample rewards for their trouble. And, it continued to underscore for me just how clever retailers are — and have to be — […]

Customer Engagement and Cognitive Technology – What Marketers and Retailers Need to Know

The science behind reaching your customers on their terms isn’t always easy to master. Marketers and retailers need to have a keen understanding of where their audiences are, find unique ways to target them, and be innovative enough to create engaging and memorable experiences. All of these activities require significant time and effort – luxuries […]

Forrester: Keep Your Digital Strategy in Sync

Marketers and developers need to work together to produce better digital customer experiences. Delivering relevant, effective content and experiences to customers — at the perfect time and place — is the new imperative for businesses today. And that means making sure your digital strategies are in sync. When content is out of sync, it can […]

eBook: 7 Industry Experts Share Holiday Marketing Lessons to Apply in 2017

The holiday season may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean the lessons learned during the shopping hustle and bustle aren’t here to stay. For many marketers and retailers, targeting customers during the busiest shopping season of the year requires significant planning, streamlined execution, and around the clock analysis of how campaigns and sales are […]

You Had Me At “Goodbye”: Post-Purchase Phase Is Key

Some years ago, I blogged about the importance of the post-purchase brand experience in deepening or undermining the brand relationship that a consumer has with a retailer. I cited a U.S. consumer survey that our Institute for Business Value (IBV) conducted in 2011. The respondents to that survey made it clear that of the 3 […]

Turn Disruption into Innovation: Watson Commerce Tweetup

Fashion week (#nyfw) is well underway in New York City—offering up a sneak peek into the latest apparel and designer trends that will soon hit our favorite stores across the U.S. But the fashion industry shouldn’t be the only industry looking at trends this year. All commerce professionals and business leaders should be paying attention […]

NRF 2017: 5 Commerce Innovations from Retail’s Big Show

It’s always a lot to take in, and this year, NRF 2017 provided more strategic business fodder than ever. At the end of each day, I found myself trying to sort out what I’d heard and seen, processing all the commerce innovations at various stages of maturity in today’s retail landscape. This year, 33,500 attendees […]

IBM Consumer Expectations Study Insights: Yesterday’s “Good Enough” Is Today’s “Not Even Close”

As many as 10 years ago, consumers were already clear about their expectations for a seamless brand experience across all channels with retailers. [85% percent said they “expected” such a seamless experience, and ­­­­­­­­82% said they expected that experience to be consistent regardless of the number of channels involved.] Last year, we completed our IBM […]