[moh-men-tuhs] adjective: of great or far-reaching importance or consequence: a momentous day

Over the past few months, I have been blogging about moments that matter and their importance when it comes to meaningful customer engagement. And while truly momentous things don’t really happen that often, today is one of those days for me, for IBM, and most importantly for you — our clients — and your customers.

Today, I am delighted to introduce IBM ExperienceOne customer engagement solutions to help you attract, delight and maximize lifetime customer value. IBM ExperienceOne is the big moment in a journey IBM began several years ago – you might say we have arrived. The launch of IBM ExperienceOne customer engagement solutions represents the cumulative impact of significant investments in research, development and the acquisition of leading marketing automation, digital marketing, merchandising, customer experience, and mobile push solutions, combined with effort of my team of more than 1500 IBMers dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our clients. In a matter of months, this team has completed more than 60 integrations across a wide range of products to create unified solution sets that deliver a holistic customer experience. Our goal is lofty and quite simple — to help you identify both the customers and the moments that matter most to your business and your brand in an age when success can be fleeting.

We’ve developed a robust portfolio that has already earned Leader status across 13 major analyst reports; with the recent acquisition of Silverpop (a moment that matters and just completed on May 12) IBM is #1 in market share, a position it was first recognized for in 2012 by IDC.

As companies have progressed on their Smarter Commerce journeys, those empowering collaboration across the front office deliver better customer experiences and better business results. The top 20% outperform in revenue, profit and market share. As a result, we have expanded our mission and are applying real-time, personalized practices to help marketing, merchandising, sales and customer service leaders expand their reach and the results they achieve.

IBM ExperienceOne is a first step in this new journey — one that goes far beyond marketing to personal, scalable engagement that is more powerful and pervasive across the value chain – this is no mere marketing cloud. IBM ExperienceOne includes ten solutions sets that are fast to start and easy to grow, built with the utmost security and privacy controls, delivered on cloud, on premise, or in hybrid environments.

The solutions sets include:

  • Understand Your Customers with customer analytics
  • Curate Meaningful Customer Interactions with real-time personalization
  • Ignite And Grow Customer Relationships with omni-channel marketing
  • Convert Digital Prospects To Loyal Customers with digital marketing
  • Maximize Sales, Profit, And Shopper Loyalty with omni-channel merchandise optimization
  • Deliver Exceptional Experiences Across All Channels with omni-channel customer engagement
  • Personalize The Store Experience with store of the future
  • Reinvent And Automate Complex B2B Sales Processes with B2B commerce
  • Serve And Delight Your Customers with customer experience for service
  • Deliver Empowering Digital Experiences with customer digital experience

What’s in a name you might ask? In this instance, the names are deliberate and purposeful. Organized by business objectives, IBM ExperienceOne customer engagement solutions allow you to focus on your desired end result rather than the latest industry buzzwords.

I hope you are intrigued to learn more. I think you will find it “of great and far-reaching importance” – as in momentous!

Visit or better yet, join us at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Tampa to see IBM ExperienceOne customer engagement solutions in action.

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[…] Without a doubt the most significant initiative of 2014 was completing more than 60 integrations across a wide range of products to create unified solution sets that deliver a holistic customer experience. We also made several key product enhancements to our portfolio over the past year such as launching IBM Mobile Push & Engage and IBM Tealeaf cxLifecycle, among others. In doing so, we’ve developed a robust portfolio, IBM ExperienceOne, that has already earned Leader status across 13 major analyst reports and, with the recent acquisition of Silverpop, IBM is #1 in market share, a position it was first recognized for in 2012 by IDC. Learn more … […]

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