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Social networking has become a sweeping societal and economic phenomenon. Information is being created and shared at unprecedented rates; the views and activities of consumers are more accessible and actionable; and organizations are working differently, functioning with greater transparency than ever before.

Social is fueling the emergence of a knowledge economy – and people can rapidly learn and influence others in entirely new ways. And it’s penetrating the business world.

IBM is a leader in the enterprise social business market where IDC has just named us #1 in worldwide market share for five consecutive years. According to their new report of 2013 social software revenue, the worldwide market for enterprise social software applications grew from $968 million in 2012 to $1,242 million in 2013.1 This success is a direct result of our ability to identify high-value growth opportunities like social, as well as mobile, cloud and business analytics, to reach new clients such as Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) and Chief HR Officers (CHRO), and help them transform their business, their workforce and supply chain.

For example, chief marketing officers (CMO) are looking to gain insights from both internal and external data from sources like Facebook, Twitter and public forums to react more swiftly to customer trends and build their brands. HR Leaders (CHRO) are looking to build communities to improve recruiting and talent management services. Consider these facts according to IBM’s 2013 Global C-Suite Study:

  • 78 percent of CMOs plan to leverage social networks to foster collaboration in the next 3-5 years, while 83 percent plan to use analytics to capture insight.
  • More CHROs in outperforming enterprises are leveraging data analytics for everything from talent management, to retention and recruitment. 61 percent of CHROs are using analytics for talent management.

The big winners in Social Business are those who harness the ability to capture and analyze the knowledge their social network creates and share it to accelerate innovation, out-market competitors, and remove boundaries internally and externally. It is also those who leverage social to build a Smarter Workforce by enabling employees to share information and find the right experts to foster learning and increase productivity and engagement, while at the same time providing a way for executives to more effectively manage their teams.

A final ingredient is a company’s own commitment to being a leading social business. As the largest consumer of social technologies, IBM is a case study for this transformation into a social business, using social networking to develop products and services, enable sellers to find and stay connected with clients, train the next generation of leaders, and build awareness of Smarter Planet among clients, influencers and other communities. We’re thrilled to be recognized by IDC as the market share leader in social software for the fifth consecutive year, and look forward to helping our clients continue to harness Social Business to accelerate innovation, increase agility and remove boundaries to collaboration.

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IBM’s Social Business portfolio, including its industry leading IBM Connections and Smarter Workforce technologies, allow organizations to integrate social solutions with critical business applications and people-centric processes that empower employees, increase workforce productivity and deliver exceptional customer service. Deployed on cloud or on premises, these solutions also enable business leaders like the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) to attract and retain top talent when combined with social workforce analytics that ensure the organization has the skills and expertise to meet emerging market demands.

Tens of millions of users today rely on IBM’s Social Business software including SafeGuard World International, Superior Group, Slumberland and many more. With IBM’s leading portfolio, organizations can apply social capabilities to all aspects of their business including marketing, research, sales, customer service and support, human resources, product management and R&D, and other business functions.

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