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5 Tips to Optimize Your Customer’s Experience Via Product Detail Pages – Part 1

This is the first of 3 daily articles covering optimization tips for the product detail page.

If one business can make browsing and purchasing products quick and hassle-free over a competitor, whether online or offline, they are sure to gain loyalty and repeat customers. But how does a retailer achieve this loyalty? By implementing the following optimization tips you will be helping your online customers to browse and compare products and, through incentives, encourage purchases.


Does your product photograph well? Have you chosen a decent background colour to help ‘set off’ the product? Make sure that you have high quality static images (more than one view is important for most products) and a zoom function to allow the customer to study the product and see the design and quality of the item.

Video should be used to help sell the item. Include a video of catwalk model or item being used for its purpose where static images won’t do it justice. The videos also help to promote your brand image.

Description and Specification

Make sure the product ID is on the page so if the customer wishes to note this down they can do for future reference. Include a sizing guide whether the product is a garment or furniture. List dimensions and have a measurement converter. Clothing size converters are a must so that customers can work out the best size to order regardless of what sizing scheme brand uses.

Stock, Urgency and Ordering

Make sure that stock levels are promoted well on this page type. Make sure the ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stock’ stands out on the page so that the customer does not attempt to put the item in the basket and be disappointed.

If stock levels are low or if this product is only available for a limited time only, change the call-to-action message on the page as stock levels fall to make this urgency more apparent. Econsultancy has some great tips on how to use urgency to increase conversion. 

If the product is out of stock, provide an ordering service so that one can be reserved or paid for in advance when stock is replenished. You could include an option for clients to choose to be emailed by the brand when the product is back in stock.

Price and Specification Options

Ensure that if price differs through a color/specification choice that this is stated on the page. If price has been discounted, show the original price and current price in a different colour. Also stating the saving via currency or % in small print under the price is useful so the customer doesn’t have to do any quick math in their head to see the value in purchasing whilst the discount is active.

Location and Availability

If you have physical locations where the product can be purchased, provide a look-up option at a local store level. This is useful if the product is out of stock online so that you reduce the risk of losing the sale. State the stock levels per location so the customer can decide whether they wish to reserve via a ‘Click and Collect’ service in=store or swing by at their convenience and purchase. See my ‘Click and Collect’ article last month for optimizing your customer channels regarding this service.

Parts 2 and 3 of this article will cover more functionality and customer service options that should be available on your product detail page. Look for them later on this week!

[…] from Monday’s post (Part 1), today in Part 2 we’ll cover more functionality and customer service options to optimize the […]

[…] and customer service tips for your product detail page. If you’d like, you can review parts One and Two, which ran earlier this […]

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