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Making The Most Of A Love/Hate Relationship

I love to snowboard. I hate to shop. But sometimes you have to do one to make the most of the other.

As I geared up for the winter snowboard season, I decided it was time to get some new equipment.  I had read there was some new technology for All Mountain Snowboarding– which is what I often do. However, I didn’t have much information and even less time for research.  Not that long ago, I’d have to rely on friends for recommendations, do some reading in publications for snowboard enthusiasts and go to a few stores to check out the options – time consuming and potentially a slanted view.  Being a “data” guy, it might have taken me until the spring thaw to get enough information to make an informed decision.

Thankfully, all of that has changed. Today, I can go online – from home, at my kid’s soccer game or even at the airport (where I am a lot these days). In a matter of hours and not weeks, I can check out product reviews from the experts and fellow snowboarders – local or anywhere in the world.  I can do comparison shopping at the store from my mobile device and find the best deals or “on the spot” product analysis.  I can even see what’s trending on Twitter or some of the other aggregated sites I follow.

And, I’m not alone.  According to the IBM Online Retail Index, based on data from cloud-based IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, third quarter online mobile sales continue to rise and the mobile percentage of online sales increased more than 60 percent year-over-year – the largest year over year increase since 4Q 2012. It also showed shoppers logged onto their favorite Department Store websites to stock up on warmer fall apparel and seasonal merchandise promotions, increasing sales more than 45 percent year over year and up 15 percent over 2Q 2013.

Real-time analytics, mobile devices and easy access to global social sentiment are helping me become a smarter consumer.  Thanks to technology, I will be spending more time on the slopes and less time at the store.

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Beth Ann Vaughn

I have to agree with Craig. Shopping from the iPad has already increased my precision in gift finding and decreased my stress levels associated with the all important role of “Santa.” However, I do find that I feel pulled to add the UPS and FedEx drivers to my “nice” list this year since they are doing the running now instead of me! There will be a little something for my new (and frequent) visitors.

Elaine Tong

I can’t agree more with Craig. I do not hate shop, but not necessary to shop in store, both myself and my friends have been shopping everything online and more and more from mobile device anywhere. Even just for online shopping, we can save time more than we could before, cause now analytic tools has been brought in.

Penny Coupland

With kids away from home this year I asked for and received from their mobile devices, wishlists with pics and links to the relevant items on store websites, so I could purchase whilst on the move. With many of the sites using IBM digital recommendations, I could use the suggestions offered to add a “surprise” or two. So much easier than taking a day’s vacation to trawl around the shops and guess what colour/size/version to buy.

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