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New IBM Software Helps Increase Digital Consumer Engagement

Yesterday I posted on the changing consumer behaviors around mobile devices (the differences in content consumption between desktop and mobile devices).

Today, IBM announced new Digital Experience software that helps organizations build customized digital experiences.

IBM digital experience software combines with IBM customer experience capabilities to help marketing professionals analyze customer activity on a specific channel (like a mobile device).

Using this new intelligence, marketers can gauge the behavior of customers across all digital channels, identify patterns, and then adjust the experience based on this insight to improve the quality of the user’s experience


Smarter Experiences = Smarter Commerce

Aligned with IBM’s “Smarter Commerce” initiative, the new software allows line of business employees from marketing, sales, HR and customer loyalty, to produce, share and distribute digital content on the fly, to all mobile and social channels — without the need for IT technical skills or outside assistance.

The growth of mobile, online, social media and commerce trends have spawned the rise of the digital consumer which requires businesses to deepen their interactions with individuals and accelerate data driven decisions into functions such as marketing, sales, service and human resources.

Building on these demands, IBM’s Digital Experience software allows CMOs to provide customers with relevant information and offers that are based on their preferences and can be published quickly to all digital channels and mobile devices.

For example, while at a conference, marketing and event teams can develop professional grade assets that incorporate client interviews, show floor footage, audio and text overlays and in a few simple clicks publish it to the broadest range of social, mobile and online channels.

Executives across the C-Suite acknowledge the need to reorient their businesses and deliver more personalized experiences to become more competitive in a digital economy. In fact, according to a Forrester survey of customer service professionals, more than 90 percent stated that customer experience is a top strategic priority for their firm.


Meeting The Needs Of CMOs And Chief Digital Officers

In order to meet these rising demands, CMOs, CHROs and other executives are joining forces with the emergence of the Chief Digital Officer to create comprehensive digital strategies across all lines of the business including marketing, product development, customer service, human resources and more. Businesses that are seeing the benefit of this digital transformation include Performance Bicycle, Amadori and Omron Europe.

Performance Bicycle, which operates across 110 stores in 20 states, collaborated with IBM and IBM business partner Sirius Computer Solutions to create a digital experience and transform the way it interacts with its clients.

Working with IBM, the company launched Performance Learning Center, an online learning site where customers can engage with experts and peers, get answers to their cycling questions through articles, videos and online chats. Since its launch, the Learning Center has driven significant increases in traffic for Performance and ultimately an increase in sales.

Success for Omron Europe, a global leader in the field of industrial automation, required that its staff have fast access to experts and specialized knowledge about varied industrial processes and technologies.

Working with IBM and IBM business partner Portico Consultancy B.V., the company created a portal that includes social networking capabilities which allow employees to more easily share knowledge and collaborate with colleagues about topics such as product packing which can be used to help close deals with key clients.

Since going live it has increased engagement while allowing its team to respond to the needs of customers more quickly.



 With the new Digital Experience software, IBM allows companies to deepen engagement, uncover customer sentiment and build loyalty with their desired audience. The advanced capabilities include:

  • Mobile Experiences: According to Morgan Stanley, 90 percent of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100 percent of the time. Using the new software CMOs and their teams can quickly design a single mobile application that can then be viewed on multiple devices to ensure a consistent brand experience as customers move between screens. When combined with IBM’s customer experience technology, e-commerce and customer service professionals can quickly assess the quality of a visitor’s experience and then eliminate the pain points that may spur them to leave the site.
  • Analytics and Optimization: Today 84 percent of businesses are integrating analytics into the digital experience. Through digital analytics capabilities, marketing and customer service professionals can analyze customer activity on a specific channel, such as a mobile device, or a web page. These unique views can gauge the behavior of customers across all digital channels at any time, identify patterns and then adjust plans based on this insight to out-maneuver the competition.
  • Omni Channel Media Creation: Digital video consumption continues to rise and businesses must respond quickly. With new digital experience software, non-technical line of business employees can quickly and easily create compelling video content that can be viewed anywhere including a business’s website, smart phones and tablets as well as social media destinations such as Facebook.
  • Social Interaction: IBM delivers out of the box integration with its premier social business platform allowing companies to embed social experiences within the company portal or social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, so customers and employees can more easily interact with one another. Using social analytics, teams can capture the sentiment of customers and employees and take action based on the data to be more responsive to their needs — a critical component for companies as they look to stay ahead of issues and be agile in the marketplace.

For more details on IBM’s new digital software, listen to its recent webcast which features industry analysts, clients and IBM executives discussing how businesses are achieving greater growth and profitability through the creation of exceptional digital experiences here.

In April 2013, IBM was named the Enterprise Social Software leader by IDC for the fourth consecutive year. For more information about IBM’s social business initiative please follow @IBMSocialBiz on Twitter.

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