Nucleus: Smarter Commerce Delivers $12.05 per Dollar


Nucleus Research Report:

Nucleus analyzed the data from 21 IBM Smarter Commerce ROI case studies and found that for every dollar spent, companies realized an average of $12.05 in returns. IBM Smarter Commerce applications, including analytics and e-commerce, help companies buy, market, sell, and provide customer service. Nucleus found companies took advantage of IBM’s investments in integration, usability, and industry-specific functionality to increase top-line revenues and reduce bottom-line costs.


Companies across many industries have invested in IBM Smarter Commerce to help them increase efficiency and improve customer service. The Smarter Commerce portfolio includes business analytics, logistics, e-commerce, and other applications and services that support supply chain operations, customer insight, and customer and partner engagement. Nucleus has been following IBM Smarter Commerce since its inception, and to date, has published 21 in-depth ROI case studies on Smarter Commerce customers. When Nucleus analyzed the aggregate data, we found that during the first three years of deployment, for every dollar a company spends on Smarter Commerce, it gets back an average of $12.05.

Alisa Maclin


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[…] Those that have invested in mobile commerce platforms and analytics are already seeing results. (A Nucleus Research study found that 21 IBM clients realized an average of $12.05 in returns on every dollar they spent on […]

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