Moneyball Meets Marketing: How the best-in-class use big data and advanced analytics to increase digital marketing results

If you saw the movie Moneyball, you already know about the transformational nature of data. It’s a simple story: baseball recruiters who trust their gut instincts sign the flashy pitchers and the dominating batters, while ignoring the steady performers who put in consistent results. But by looking at the massive amounts of data, the idea of the “best” player gets turned on its head.

It’s a phenomenon that’s also been happening in marketing organizations in leading organizations, which is why big data is getting so much buzz lately. For good reason: this explosion of information promises big-league results as marketers make the transition to dynamic, behavior-based segmentation, targeting, and real-time offer management. It means significant growth and results for the companies that get it right.

So what is preventing marketers from taking advantage of big data analytics to power their marketing—especially in digital channels such as the web, mobile and social media? Take a look at the results of the 2013 Big Data for Marketing survey from Trip Kucera, Senior Research Analyst at the Aberdeen Group, to see the top three barriers to marketing analytics adoption:

  1. Disparate information sources: 35% of organizations say that integrating multiple data sources is a huge challenge for them.
  2. Unidentified value: 30% are having a hard time understanding how, exactly, marketing analytics could be used in their companies.
  3. Human resources: Another 30% are having problems finding the right talent with the right kind of knowledge of marketing analytics.

So what’s keeping your organization from leveraging big data and analytics in your marketing? And what could you be doing in order to achieve the results of best-in-class organizations? Here’s your chance to find out.

Join Trip Kucera, Graeme Noseworthy, Strategic Messaging Director, Big Data for Marketing, Media & Entertainment, and Akin Arikan, Evangelist for Digital Analytics and Marketing Optimization Solutions at IBM for a webcast featuring groundbreaking results from the survey. Register for the webcast to find out about the challenges, successes, and future plans of leading businesses for incorporating data analytics into marketing programs.

Phil Simon

Disparate information sources: 35% of organizations say that integrating multiple data sources is a huge challenge for them.

Interesting. I wonder how many of the other 65% don’t even try. No way that the rest just get it.

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