It is Time to Come out of that BRAND Controlled Shell

Brands/Marketers… experiment and try different approaches until you hit the one that works. Too often “strategic planning” means setting a course and sticking to it no matter the feedback. The benefit and beauty of social marketing is the ability to experiment in a new environment and chart a course that may otherwise have never been discovered. It is time to come out of that BRAND controlled shell and allow the engagement and user generated content/feedback to drive the business of the future. Don’t be scared, it will only hurt a little and the benefits can far outweigh the pain!

If you only stay with “what is working”, your marketing will become stale and you will lose ground before you realize what is happening. Reach out, build community, and, above all, LISTEN. And remember… Analytics can’t replace Judgment! Let judgement, learning, and inspiration be your guides, not simply numbers.

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