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Quick Update from the Client Success Forum in Singapore

This week, we’re gathering in Singapore to meet with client executives, solution specialists and industry leads from across the Asia-Pacific region to strategize for 2013 and to learn more about new developments in the different markets represented here. We have a very busy week planned, with hundreds of IBMers and partners in attendance, all with the same goal: to better understand how we help our clients achieve success in the new era of Smarter Commerce.

One of my goals at the event will be to learn about the new developments in mobile. Mobile adoption is exploding here, and we’re seeing tremendous interest from all sectors in developing, marketing and serving customers on whatever platform or device with which they choose to engage. For example, comScore reports that 10% of Japanese mobile subscribers are already using a mobile wallet to make everyday purchases – which is especially impressive, when you consider that these NFC tap-and-go capabilities have only been widely available within the last three years.

But China, as always, is the stirring giant. I expect the PRC to be the largest m-payment market in the world by the end of 2013. And that’s even before you start to consider the other types of mobile customer engagement in online and brick-and-mortar commerce! OCBC Bank, for example, is now using IBM Campaign and eMessage to optimize their mobile banking and contact strategy to make personalized digital messages to customers faster, more flexible and more relevant.

As I’ll discuss in a later post, the explosion of mobile technology is only accelerating the transition to a paradigm that we’ve termed Smarter Commerce.  For now, you can read more about EMM’s vision on mobile marketing strategy here.

Service so good that it feels like marketing – and marketing so good that it feels like a service – is ultimately only possible and scalable with platforms that integrate all of your customer data to deliver seamless, personalized marketing across channels. That’s our vision for the future of marketing, and it’s truly extraordinary to watch it come together in real-time.

More later – for now, back to the client success meeting.

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Blair, the best way to help our customers to achieve success is to start by acknowledging that we are all customers. If we make it personal then we have a vested interest in helping our Clients improve. When our teams bring that level of personal investment, combined with our solutions, together they do make marketing feel like a service.


    Joe, I totally agree. Having skin in the game is what makes IBM a long-term strategic partner for clients looking to evolve their marketing (and really their whole business) to keep up with today’s customer.

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