Friday Interview Series with Trevor Newell

Todd “Turbo” Watson (blogger and tech evangelist) talks with Trevor Newell, Co-founder and president, SHOP.CA, during the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 in Orlando. SHOP.CA uses a unique strategy to intersect commerce with social media. “We looked at Canada, and Canadians, and said what is unique about them? And how can we bring something unique […]

Turning Insight into Action Using Customer Analytics

Customer empowerment is the name of the game today. At IBM, we’ve seen companies big and small across various industries respond to this empowerment by transforming the way they market and sell products and services. Why the change? It’s a direct response to the demands of today’s “connected-consumer.” Consumers now use social networks, websites, mobile […]

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Results Show Retailers Scored Big With Consumers!

Join the #smartershopping Conversation – Richard Feinberg, professor of consumer sciences and retailing at Purdue University, and Jill Puleri, IBM global retail lead to Participate in Special Twitter Chat. Richard Feinberg, Professor of Consumer Sciences and Retailing at Purdue University, and IBM Global Retail Leader Jill Puleri will lead a Twitter chat recapping retail shopping […]

Cyber Monday Is the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

Cyber Monday results are in and they’re not big. They’re huge. As in the kinds of numbers that make retailers sit up and take notes. For starters, consumers made Cyber Monday the biggest shopping day of the year—spending their way to an all-time high 30 percent over Cyber Monday 2011, according to IBM’s Digital Analytics […]

Cyber Monday Lessons from Madonna

In 1991, Madonna released Truth or Dare, a documentary that sent a frisson of excitement through the music and movie industries alike. It seemed like we’d never before seen a performer willing to reveal the most intimate moments of her life on tour. Of course today it seems almost sweetly innocent when compared to the […]

DKIM 512 bit cracked, Gmail Policy Changes, And The Implications for Email Senders

On Oct 24, published an article detailing how a clever mathematician got an email from a headhunter at Google, took it as a challenge, cracked the 512 bit DKIM key that Google sent the mail with, and wrote them back spoofing Gmail’s founders as the senders, setting off a chain reaction as the implications […]

Cyber Monday Is More Important than Ever

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and most everyone is back in the office. But I wonder how many people, while plowing through their to-do lists and meetings, are actually keeping a weather eye on Cyber Monday sales and deals. The Cyber Monday—the first Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend—first emerged as a shopping phenomenon in 2005. […]

40 Tips to Rock Cyber Monday & Everyday Online Sales

Following is a guest post by Pam Moore, CEO/Founder at Marketing Nutz. You can find more of Pam’s writing on Cyber Monday… either you are ready or you’re not!  Many businesses miss out on a great day to increase sales and connect with their audience because they think it’s only for the big online […]

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark – Cyber Monday

Updated at 9:35 PM ET: According to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, as of 6 p.m. EST, Cyber Monday online sales continue to rise. Online sales are currently up over 28 percent over 2011. CMOs and marketers continue to cater to the multi screen shopper, with the number of consumers using their mobile device to […]

2012 IBM Black Friday Cyber Monday Benchmark Results

The results are in! The IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, which is the industry’s only cloud-based Web analytics platform that tracks more than a million e-commerce transactions a day, tracked online holiday retail sales throughout Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Below, find an infographic which highlights the latest trends as of 12 a.m. PST.  To join the […]

Mobile Drives Black Friday Shopping According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark

Expectations were high when it came to online sales this holiday season and Black Friday 2012 didn’t disappoint. Overall, online sales were up close to  24 percent over 2011 as of 9 p.m. EST. But what really stood out this year was the impact of mobile. As retailers continue to deliver multi-screen experiences that connect […]

Happy Thanksgiving from IBM Smarter Commerce!

We wish all of our U.S. readers a very happy Thanksgiving! While we’ll be enjoying time with our loved ones, we’ll also be keeping an eagle eye on holiday shopping trends. We suspect that lots of people are ready and eager to do some serious online shopping this holiday season, starting on (you guessed it!) […]