CMOs: Marketing to the “One,” not the “Billions”

I was channel surfing the other night and caught a glimpse of a Wendy’s commercial. Wendy Thomas herself—she of the red hair and braids—looked straight at the camera and said, “Some places like to talk about the billions served.  At Wendy’s, we never gave much thought to billions. We’re focused on the one; the one […]

Is your EDI Value Added Network (VAN) provider holding you hostage?

What if you were unhappy with your cell phone service provider’s coverage, customer support, rates, or simply their overall level of service?  If you are like me, you would find a new carrier; one you feel more comfortable with and which delivers the level of service you deserve.  But now that service provider informs you […]

Smarter Commerce for Sports Fans

Once again, it’s time for the Summer Olympics and who among us hasn’t dreamt at some point of how it must feel to win a gold medal? While we as fans are sitting in the comfort of our homes enjoying the pageantry, the sportsmanship, and the utter spectacle of the games, you can bet that […]

Will this 2012 Holiday Be Remembered as the Year of the Couch?

How many sales from a mobile device does it take to screw in a light bulb? OK, so maybe that doesn’t make sense. How about this? How many online sales from a mobile device does it take for chief marketing officers to plug mobile commerce into their overall online commerce strategy? The answer lies somewhere […]

Digital Lone Wolf or Leader of the Pack?

That howling you might be hearing in the sacred halls of your market department is likely no ordinary True Blood-like werewolf; it’s your organization’s digital marketer. Digital marketer howling, even snarling at traditional marketing colleagues, is clearly a symptom, according to available corporate folklore, of working in silos. What’s worse, this functional solitary confinement means […]

Message to Businesses: Change Your Framework—Change Your Future

A comment by Dino Dogan on my post regarding Scaling Social Messaging got me thinking recently. He said: “Businesses try to force-fit their own framework onto the existing social framework. That’s a mistake. Social framework is much bigger and stronger. When two frameworks meet, one has to give in. In this case, biz framework has […]

Why digital marketing synchs with students

This is part two of a series about retail shopping trends.  See the first part here.  by Leeann Fecho,  Marketing Manager for Emerging Media and Loyalty, Follett Higher Education Group Managing the digital marketing activities of 900+ different stores brings both constant challenges and immensely rewarding work. Follett Higher Education Group is the largest operator […]

The New Marketing Class – Lesson One: the Digital Marketing Mix

News flash: We’ve entered a new frontier of marketing! Customers are connected, more intelligent and demanding than ever. To be successful in this new world of marketing, we can’t rely on old methods for communication with our customers – these antiquated views are no longer relevant. Just as our consumer has adapted and evolved, we […]

‘Data Geek’ Predicts Fall Retail Trends

By Michael Haydock, IBM Business Analytics Optimization Chief Scientist & Distinguished Engineer Last week, I was sitting on a panel with Ellen Davis of the National Retail Foundation on Back to School shopping trends. We engaged in a spirited hour-long discussion around changing consumer shopping behaviors, the state of the economy and of course, predictions […]

Managing the Marketing Factory

Written by Paul McNulty, Director of Marketing, Enterprise Marketing Man­­agement Group. Beginning in the 1970s, the manufacturing industry was revolutionized by the advent of materials requirement planning (MRP) software. For the first time, factories had a centralized and reliable system to track and manage every aspect of operations, from components’ availability to production schedules to […]

Friday Interview Series: Alisa Maclin

Scott Laningham (host of developerWorks podcast) talks with Alisa Maclin, Director IBM Smarter Commerce Marketing, during the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 in Madrid. “Smarter Commerce is about putting the customer at the center of everything we do, which is really not a new notion. However, operationalizing it really changes the game. And that’s why […]

More Than Just Email – Mail.RU Feedback Loop

Earlier this week, my friend and colleague, Laura Atkins posted about the availability of a new Feedback Loop provided by, the largest free webmail provider in Russia. Some may ask, why get excited? It’s a Russian ISP. Russian internet properties are commonly derided and the country as a whole is often viewed as being […]