Friday Factoid: March 30

Sunday is April Fools Day – where are you being foolish? For retailers, it’s an issue of mobility… When it comes to mobile retail, 40% of consumers would like the ability to check product prices wherever they are and 50% would happily pay via phone instead of waiting at a checkout line. Hear more about […]

Why business partners need to attend the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 – Madrid

There are many reasons for business partners to attend the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 – Madrid. But the best reason, as Jacqui Levy notes in her blog, is simple: Get to know your customers. If you don’t, someone else will. The Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 – Madrid is the largest of its kind […]

5 Design Tips That Will Lower Your Spam Scores

I’ve recently fielded a number of questions about email design. Some of them I thought were lost in time, like the formula for turning lead into gold. I know, I know, we’re all infinitely savvy digital marketers with ludicrous amounts of technical know-how, but sometimes the simple things get past us, so it never hurts […]

What Does Marketing Mean in a Service Economy?

Over the weekend, I found myself poring over Joseph E. Stiglitz’s article, “The Book of Jobs,” which appeared in the January 2012 issue of Vanity Fair. It’s a long, scholarly article that constructs an interesting argument debunking the typical explanations for the Great Depression. In a nutshell, Stiglitz makes the case that the Great Depression […]

Are You Generation C?

The idea of Generation C has gotten quite a lot of play recently. In fact, we here at IBM feel that we’ve found a kindred spirit in Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis, so similar are our trains of thought around the Connected Customer. We believe that there’s a whole new category of customers out there; and […]

Better Together: from after sales service to relationship-building in manufacturing, via social media

By Ronald Teijken regional leader, Smarter Commerce at IBM After sales service has been the bright idea of the week, the month, the year and even the decade and the concept is pretty straightforward; manufacturing companies maintain an ongoing relationship with their customers through the provision of after-sales service. They made the kit in the […]

Friday Factoid: March 23

Did you know that 63% of CMOs believe shifting consumer demographics will significantly impact marketing functions? Understanding and delivering value to empowered customers and fostering lasting relationships with these customers are key areas in need of improvement. Get more details in IBM’s CMO study.

What Are the 5 Steps to Social Business Success?

Written by Melissa Schaefer. Melissa is the Global Retail Research Leader within IBM’s Institute for Business Value. She has over 20 years of experience with clients in the retail industry, having held various leadership positions in the retail industry, sales and consulting. Commerce is going social—and to be successful, the entire business must be involved. […]

Engagement In A Post FTAF World

In a recent webinar highlighting IBM Enterprise Marketing Management’s Social Features and capabilities a poll was taken to ascertain how many marketers were still using Forward To A Friend (FTAF). Although the results were not ‘shocking’ the metrics did give me pause and allow me to reflect on a murky topic: engagement.

Good News for Retailers – Report Shows Increase in Sales

Last week I was a guest on the New York Time’s Business Day Live where we discussed the recent U.S. Census Bureau’s Advance Monthly Retail Trade Report. It was my pleasure to discuss more good news from the retail front—retail sales data for February indicate that consumers were hitting the stores, buying more motor vehicles […]

The Analytics-Driven Organization: What CMOs Need to Know

The digital revolution is transforming the marketplace. Empowered customers can see—and say—more about the organizations that serve them than ever before. They want better products and services, more choice and more value. And they expect organizations to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Business customers are also buying more carefully, haggling harder over […]

From Google to Facebook: How CMOs Are Thinking About Social

There’s something of a mini media firestorm brewing. Apparently a former Google engineer, James Whittaker, has written a blog post about why he left Google. There’s nothing mean-spirited or gossipy about his post and certainly no tales told out of school. Whittaker merely voices the opinion, which appears to be shared by many, that Google […]