Mobile World Congress – It’s More than Just Hardware

A transition seems to be occurring at Mobile World Congress (MWC) from its primary focus on hardware. There was more noise at the show around how communications providers are delivering that hardware, how they can better market and sell that hardware. If you have ever attended the world’s largest communications show, you will understand what […]

Smarter Commerce for Cloud at MWC 2012 — Enabling Simplicity

Cloud computing is everywhere at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012).  From keynote speeches, to seminars, and vendor demos, the discussions are keenly focused on how service providers monetize a new generation of cloud offerings.  To monetize cloud products and services, service providers not only need the infrastructure to deliver these unique offerings – […]

What Downton Abbey Can Teach Us About the Rise of Social and Mobile

Downton Abbey, the British period drama about an aristocratic family and their (mostly) loyal servants, has taken America by storm, giving PBS its highest ratings in years. More than 5.4 million Americans tuned into the season finale last Sunday night and that number doesn’t include those who watched the show on their DVRs or who […]

Using Smarter Commerce to Win with Consumers and Partners

Today, power is shifting to the consumer.  This power shift from the seller to the buyer is redefining the term “commerce.”  For example, in the automotive industry, the dealers essentially represent the manufacturer brand and consumers typically experience the brand through dealers. But, how does that affect the consumer’s brand loyalty toward the manufacturer over […]

Intelligent file transfer depends on the vision of the CIO

By Karl McGowan Smarter Commerce, financial services commerce sales lead, IBM When we hosted a roundtable with CIOs, middleware managers and heads of IT architecture from a selection of international banking financial services organisations, I was struck by the importance of the technology managers’ vision to the overall success of the business. This theme came […]

Exceed Customer Expectations With B2B Integration on Cloud

How Gist Limited Delivered Results Using Cloud-Based B2B Integration Solutions There are a lot of reasons more and more businesses are using the cloud to reduce time to market and deliver innovation faster. A big reason is connectivity: customers, suppliers and partners can engage with each other quickly by collaborating in the cloud. And when […]

Business Finance Magazine: Top 4 Supply Management Trends Impacting Finance

Business Finance just published an article by our very own Craig Doud, Vice President of Customer Loyalty, regarding the “Top 4 Supply Management Trends Impacting Finance.” The piece, which addresses increased enterprise globalization and a concrete need to drive optimal financial results while mitigating commercial risks, offers key supply management trends that will impact (and help) finance professionals in […]

Safety Stock Helps Buffer Against Variability in the Supply Chain

I read a commentary in Logistics Viewpoints (2/16) by fellow IBMer, Michael Watson, Ph.D. world-wide leader for IBM’s ILOG supply chain applications. Smarter Commerce requires using inventory optimization to set the proper inventory levels along the supply chain to respond and fulfill customer demand. Check it out. ——————— Every supply chain is rife with variability […]

Marketers as Storytellers: What I Learned from Altimeter Group’s Report on Content Marketing

I’m reading Rebecca Lieb’s latest report from Altimeter Group. It’s called, “The New Marketing Equation: Why Organizations Must Rebalance.” The main thrust of Rebecca’s report is that if you’re a marketer, you’re now in the business of publishing original content. Or at least, you should be. Her analogy is simple, elegant and very revealing: where […]

Smarter Commerce and the Offshoring Dilemma

In a recent article of Bloomberg Businessweek (Feb 6, 2012) entitled “Time to Head Home for Some Manufacturers,” the point is made that many manufacturers are reconsidering whether they should be bringing some of their manufacturing operations back to the States. In years past, the decision to offshore to places like China was an issue of […]

Multi vs. Cross Channel Marketing

I’ve heard the terms multi-channel and cross-channel bandied about as interchangeable concepts. Let’s get something straight—they’re not. Let’s start off with a few definitions: Multi-Channel Marketing – creating and launching campaigns (non unique) across multiple channels. E.g. sending emails that emulate a flyer in the post and backing up the message with a similar looking […]

Coming Soon to a Retailer Near You: Integrated Merchandising and Marketing

by Yuchun Lee, Vice President and General Manager, IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Group Consumer empowerment is the name of the game today. Since IBM launched its Smarter Commerce initiative, we’ve seen companies transform the way they buy, market, and sell products and services. Why? Because customers now use social networks, mobile devices, Web sites and influencers […]