Don’t be that guy!

The other day I got an email from a company I’d never heard of, offering me an inside look at a product that would revolutionize my inbox placement if I would just give it a try. It was different enough from the spam I usually get that I took a second glance; I don’t get […]

Yahoo! Mail “Moving Out Of Beta”

Back in March I reported on the new Yahoo! Mail Beta client that presented a fresh, social user experience with the integration of SMS and Social network messaging. At that time one of the things I noted was that Yahoo! was essentially supporting 3 different email clients. From a recent notification it appears that they’re […]

If ICANN You Can Too

Own your own TLD that is. Ok, let’s back up for a moment. What’s a TLD you ask? TLD stands for Top Level Domain, it’s the .XYZ or more realistically the .COM part of a URL or web address. Until yesterday the TLD was understood that if you were a business you would have a […]