Will Black Friday & Cyber Monday affect your holiday Deliverability?

Despite a slow to recover economy, all indicators point to record- breaking volumes of email leading up to the all-important Cyber Monday again this year. Last year, Unica published a post-mortem report on the retail holiday — email volumes hit all-time new heights. Even as bad as the sales numbers seemed, sites like Amazon still […]

What’s New in Unica NetInsight 8.2?

Earlier this month, Unica’s development team put the finishing touches on version 8.2 of the Unica Enterprise product line. Included as part of this suite release, was also version 8.2 of the web analytics product: NetInsight. With the new capabilities in NetInsight 8.2, our aim was to bring the kind of maturity to the web […]

The Email Wars Heat Up

I can’t help but remember Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” this morning: ‘Rock and roller cola wars / I can’t take it anymore’ The cola wars of the 80s are back but in the guise of the email client wars which is really an extension of the ISP wars of the past. With […]

‘Tis the Season for Information

Today, I learned that December 14 is to the UK what Cyber Monday is to the US (at least December 14, 2010; not sure about December 14, 2011). Yesterday, I received two emails asking me to participate in surveys (both geared to marketers); one of the emails was directed to “Ring” and the other was […]