Sears, IBM, Marketing and more!

Like any big, memorable event (the Olympics, my birthday, etc), DMA 2010 is gone but not forgotten: check out the following video from the conference in which retail giant Sears shares some insight into overcoming marketing challenges with Unica’s marketing solutions. Also hear from Unica CEO Yuchun Lee on what IBM’s acquisition means to the […]

How Soon is Now?

Crooner Morrissey doesn’t necessarily evoke thoughts of joyous holiday shopping…but he sure can belt out a timeless tune. And speaking of holiday shopping, I was driving to work and noticed among the countless carved pumpkins sitting next to front doors and myriad Halloween decorations strewn across bay windows and around light posts some Christmas decorations […]

The best marketing minds will be in London this February. Will you?

Shakespeare’s famous and often-quoted Sonnet 116 says, “Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments”. But what does Shakespeare have to do with online marketing and analytics, you might be thinking? A lot actually! In fact, the greatest minds in online marketing will be coming together in London on 15th-16th February 2011 […]

Interactive Marketing: A survey course in TV

My esteemed colleague Dan Ring recently wrote  a blog post entitled “A Mad Men Rant.” It’s true, you can choose any serial and link it through crafty metaphor to marketing and unless done right, you might leave your audience wanting to hurl, a la Stand By Me. I’m going to try and do a bit […]

Avoid the Shock! Making the Most of Product Recommendations

A 10-quart slow cooker is recommended to be sold with a live cat trap. A bra recommended to be sold with a blender. What’s the story with these shocking product recommendations?  These unusual recommendations are real examples of incomplete recommendations planning.  These examples occurred purely as a function of a small pool of recommendation data:  […]

Don’t Gamble With Your Online Advertising Returns (or a Fool and His Ad Money Are Soon Parted)

Before web analytic tools came along, marketing reminded me of gambling. Sometimes you’d get lucky and hit the jackpot with a campaign; other times you’d lose a healthy amount of money because you’d over invested in your campaign right from the start and couldn’t fold early as you saw your hand unfolding. With online channels, […]

A Maturity Model for Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to bring the digital-marketing strategy framework from this Friday’s post alive, it makes sense to pair it up with a maturity model.  What’s a maturity model? Maturity models are a roadmap for marketers. You find your company’s “You are Here” point on the map. Then you see what next steps you may wish to […]

Seeking a Strategic Framework for Digital Marketing

At the new DigitalMarketingOne (a community site for digital marketers), our Founders Council is exploring strategic frameworks for digital marketing. Marketing does so many things though and does them so differently at different companies. How do we put all that into a framework that makes sense to marketing leaders? Luckily, many clever people have thought about that […]

A Mad Men Rant!

If I read one more blog post from a marketer or PR flack that references Mad Men, I might vomit (seriously, I’ve already come close on one occasion, although that could’ve been the bad shrimp). I’m sick and tired of reading about what we, the aforementioned marketers and PR flacks, can learn from Mad Men—that […]

Cablevision’s New Webmail Client

Cablevision has begun the roll out of a brand new web email client for their subscribers. The new webmail client has a few significant differences from the previous email client. Amongst the new improvements is a preview pane previously non-existent in the old email client. The addition of the preview pane is a significant improvement […]

Archive of The Email Guide’s Email Radio Show – Mobile Marketing 101

I admit that the title is a bit of a mouthful but it’s completely accurate. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Jim Ducharme of The Email Guide and Jared Reitzin, CEO of Mobile Storm on The Email Guide’s weekly Email Radio show about the nuts and bolts of mobile marketing. I think we […]